Monday, July 26, 2021

The Solar Queen Series

The Solar Queen is a series that was written over several decades by several authors. The series follows space age Free Traders that explore alien planets in order to find new trading partners and exotic goods. I have read a couple volumes in this series. I found this list on Wikipedia of the others books in this series in hopes that I might read the others in this series.

Sargasso of Space (1955, as by Andrew North; reissued 1957 as an Ace Double with The Cosmic Puppets by Philip K. Dick)
Plague Ship (1956, as by Andrew North; reissued 1959 as an Ace Double with Voodoo Planet) – complete text via Project Gutenberg
Voodoo Planet (1959, as by Andrew North; issued only as an Ace Double, first with Plague Ship and in 1968 with Star Hunter) – complete text via Project Gutenberg
Postmarked the Stars (1969)
Redline the Stars (1993), with P. M. Griffin
Derelict for Trade (1997), with Sherwood Smith
A Mind for Trade (1997), with Sherwood Smith

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Tool and Material List

Here is my tool and material list for that coupler installation:

Drill & #51 drill bit
Pin Vise & 2-56 tap
2-2-56 screws
KD HO coupler height gauge
A section of HO gauge track for testing height of coupler

The drill bit and tap are expected by the 28 so I don't expect to have that flat car done before the end of month. I have fallen a bit behind in the completion of my hobby projects. Here's hoping I can make a couple of these posts next month.

Small Screws Tap
Drill Sizes
Screw Tap
00-90 60 55
0-80 56 51
1-72 53 47
2-56 50 42
3-48 47 36
4-40 43 31
6-32 36 26

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Light Duty Rotary Tool

I purchased this light duty rotary tool as a stand in until I am ready to purchase a heavy duty one. Until then the tool should work for my light duty wire-brushing, cutting, buffing, sanding, grinding and drilling. In the way of sanding, it should make quick work on wood and plastic. The grinding stones will help me keep a keen edge on my other tools. And the drilling, well you know I have to drill a hole to attach a coupler on to the 7mm flat car.

Monday, July 19, 2021

The Making and Miniature Effects of the Hunt of the Red October

The Hunt of the Red October with Sean Connery, was a 1990 American submarine spy thriller.

It should not surprise us that the movie made extensive use of special effects. The video takes the viewer behind the scenes and explains the use of special effects that were used throughout the movie.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Who Stole the Children's Dreams?

"Who stole the child's dreams? Krank, in his evil schemes. But the happy tale had a sting in it's tail. The genius has a fit of pique, hear the genius shriek, the "genius" is up a creek."

L'oncle Irvin (Irvin's brain is in the fish tank)


Screenshots and quote from the City of Lost Children

Saturday, July 17, 2021

New Project

I am having such a time getting anything accomplished. I currently have three projects on my workbench which just need finishing touches. One such project a 7mm small flat car.I had misplaced the break lever, which I happly found the other day. This flat car will be coupled to 1/48 scale rail truck. I will be uisng KD #5 couplers on the flat car and locomotive.

While trying to open the package I ripped into the instruction sheet, so I had to download a copy of the instructional sheet. I noticed that the people at KD included some notes on conversions. I didn't see a conversion for Peco. I am hoping it won't be too much of headache installing these couplers.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

A Set of Small Clamps

The clamps are spring loaded and can be used to clamp items up to 7/8". They have non-marring pads on both sides of the clamp points. These will hopefully work well when glueing multiple layers of paper, like when adding clapboard strips to cardstock subwall. I don't know if would trust them when working with plastic cement though.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Airships, Ether flyers, and Flying Machines

Over the years I have made a few posts under the airship and ether flyers labels. However Voyages Extraodinaires has posted so many of these types of posts under their Flying Machines label. It is an extraordinary collection of references to bygone movies, vintage publications and yes, Flying Michines.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Build a "watchers" hut with air drying clay

The author provides some tips and tricks for working with air-drying clay. His project a "watchers" hut is fashioned out of clay. The prototype for his model was found in Luxulyan Valley in Cornwall. I don't know the scale inwhich the model was built, however, the completed model looks uthentic and matches the prototype.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

4-inch Bar Clamps

Although 6-inch clamps would probably be better for O-gauge work, these 4-inch clamps should do the trick for most of my HO gauge scratch building.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Small Wagon Addendum

Although I only have to posts featuring “small” wagons, I have amassed quite a collection of these wagons on my Pinterest Small Wagon page. You will find all sorts, from the British prototype too everything that is small and quaint.

Friday, July 2, 2021

The Opium-Eater’s Soliloquy

Without any apology I reproduce here some verses which appeared in 1894, about the time when the Royal Opium Commission came to India:

They began by mourning over my degraded moral state,
Then my physical decadence they would anxiously debate.
Then they raised a pious eye,
And they heaved a pitying sigh,
And they shuddered as they pondered on my melancholy fate.
Now, I never had reflected on the matter thus, at all,
For my luxuries were few, and my expenditure was small.
I was happy as the day,
In my own abandoned way,
Till they said they must release me from the bonds that held me thrall.
I’d been cheered up at my Chandoo 4 shop, for years at least two score,
To perform my daily labour, and was never sick or sore;
But they said this must not be;
So they passed a stern decree,
And they made my Chandoo seller shut his hospitable door.
Now they’re sending out Commissions with the philanthropic view
Of inducing us to part with sev’ral crores of revenue;
For all opium traffic’s sin,
And, although it brings in tin,
Our nefarious trade papaverous, they say we must eschew.
Who’d have thought that my redemption would have cost so many lakhs
(For they saddle their expenses on my fellow-subjects’ backs).
What with deficits to square,
And Commissions everywhere,
On the “hoarded wealth of India” I shall prove a heavy tax.
If I’d only cultivated, now, a taste for beer or gin,
Or had learnt at Pool or Baccarat my neighbour’s coin to win,
I could roam abroad o’ nights,
And indulge in these delights,
And my soul would not be stigmatized as being steeped in sin!
But as mine’s a heathen weakness for a creature-comfort, far
Less pernicious than their alcohol, more clean than their cigar,
They have sent their howlings forth,
From their platform in the North,
And ’twixt me and my poor pleasures have imposed a righteous bar!

Drug Smuggling and Taking in India and Burma by Roy K. Anderson

4:Chandoo, the Indian name for prepared or clarified opium used in smoking. The Burmese name for it is Beinsi.

A Persian Allegory

Three men, one under the effects of alcohol, one under the effects of opium, and the last under the effects of hemp, arrived one night at the closed gates of a city. “Let us break down the gates,” said the alcohol drinker in a fury of rage, “I can do it with my sword!” “Nay,” said the opium eater, “We can rest here outside in comfort till the morning, when the gates will be opened, and we may enter.” “Why all this foolish talk?” whined the one under the effects of hemp. “Let us creep in through the key-hole. We can make ourselves small enough!”

Drug Smuggling and Taking in India and Burma by Roy K. Anderson

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Details-Round House Products 3 in 1 Kits

Some time ago I made several posts on Roundhouse 3-in 1 kits. These kits include components  and bits and pieces from the Model Rectifier’s line of products. These kits include detailed instructions and tips on how to use these kits for kit-bashing. Although these kits include a variety of components  you will need to add other materials  to complete these projects.

Kit Number & Name


Channel Frame Log/
Lumber Car Set

The kit features three complete 26’ metal log car kits. Includes couplers, trucks, and some detail parts.

Wood Chip Car Kit Set

Includes three molded bodies, trucks, and couplers, plus detail parts. Instructions explain how to kit-bash the three ore cars into wood chip cars.

Shorty Flat Car Project Kit

Features three 30’ metal style flat cars with gondola sides, trucks, coupler, roof, tender body. Kit-bash instructions on how to build three logging camp cars,

Maintenance Of Way Workers Kit

Include materials to build three different MOW cars: Supply car, Bunk car, and Repair car

Yard Office / Wayside Station

Features two complete 36’ wood style box car kits, and molded single story brick fright station

Section Gang House/ Gandy Dancers Quarters

Kit includes one Overton coach body; 36’ refer car kit, and a single-story stone building.

Telegraph Office and Service Facility

Kit features a26’ tank car, a Shorty flat car, and a molded single story brick telegraph office

Maintenance of Way Fire Fighting Train

Kit includes materials for the construction of three different MOW cars: Water Tank car, Chemical Tank car, and Tower car

Ore Jimmy Car Set

Materials for three complete cars, including trucks, couplers, and some detail parts.

“Battle Mountain” Log and Mine Timber Car Set

Kit features three complete 36’ metal log cars, and a single-story Assay Building

“Battle Mt.” Climax mine Locomotive-dummy kit

The kit features a molded body. Complete detailing parts. HO and HOn3 trucks, and 30’ flat car

Restaurant / Passenger Station

The kit includes a molded single story brick station, one metal style box car and one modern style caboose kit.

Cable Car Powerhouse & Passenger Car Kit

This includes two molded bodies, detailing parts, HO trucks, detailing parts and a single story building kit.

Cable Car Shop and Car Barn

Kit features molded two-story brick building

“Battle Mountain” Old time saloon and office kit.

Kit includes a molded two-story stone building

Rotary Snowplow & Tender Project Kit

Kit features 34” side door caboose, a rotary front, molded tender, under-frames, and trucks

Jordan Spreader/Snow Crab & Tool Car Kit

Includes one side door caboose, two metal under frames, couplers, and some detailing parts

Snow Dozer, Flanger & Snowplow Kit

Kit features a 34’ side door caboose, flat car body and detail parts, a channel frame, and three sets of trucks

“Battle Mountain” Non-Powered Galloping Goose

Includes a dummy diesel body, 34’ box car body and detail parts

Unpowered Snowplow

Features Vanderbilt tender body and die-cast underframe, modern caboose cupola, tank car body, sheet plastic, trucks, and other components

Moms Family Diner

Painted and printed diner body and roof. Platform, railing, walkway, porch, roof, ad stair materials.

Storage Shed

Includes a decorated body. Roof, platform material, tank, ladders, rails, and stair material

“Moose Jaws” Non-Powered 0-8-0T Logging Engine Kit

Dummy Steam Saddle Tank Body, with details. One metal underframe, drivers and lead truck