Thursday, October 14, 2021

A Medieval Village in N-gauge

The author used sheets of styrofoam for the base of his diorama.

Most of the miniatures for this n-gauge diorama were printed on a 3-d printer. The author used several different styles of medieval structures and mixed and matched the parts of these to create a verity of differnt structures.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Making Small Details For Dioramas and Layouts

I was looking for ideas for my next project and happened upon this video. It is full of ideas on creating and using details to make your models come to life and more interesting.

The Malcolm L. McKenzie & Son Goods Sheds

I had a good time building this HO gauge structure. Although there are one or two details I would like to add to the structure I have completed enough of the structure to make a post. I have reported much about the structure during its construction, at least on its start and the construction of the right-hand side. However, there are few details I have left out.

Structure Stone Work Colors

As I have mentioned previously, I used embossed stone paper for the front and back of the structure. I used the following colors for the stone work:

  • Model Master, Light gray basecoat
  • American, Raw Sienna
  • Folk Art #462 Burnt Umber
  • Folk Art #917 Yellow Ochre

After allowing the base coat to dry I dry-brushed Raw Sienna and Burnt Umber on to the embossed stone. Dry-brushing is one of those skills, that once mastered is not easy forgotten. The trick is to scrape most of the paint off the brush before taking it to your surface. I will make post of the process in my next post. Once this was totally dry I very sparingly dry-brushed the yellow ochre on selected areas of the surface.

Construction of the Left Side

The shed on the left was constructed from what was sold as Balsa wood. It is light weight like balsa, but it wasn’t as light as other balsa I have dealt with. It also had a different grain pattern than other balsa wood. No matter, I have a stack of it now I will use the material again.

Although I had taped the side off before cutting the openings for the windows I accidently snapped the side piece in two, but since the tape held the pieces together I was able to glue a patch of cardstock on the back of break to make the side piece even stronger than it was before the break.

There a few other flaws that I didn't mention that will need to be hidden behind a bush, tree, or other details.

I haven't decided on the type of foundation I would like to add to this structure. Will it be a concrete slab,block, stone, or brick?

Satisfaction Scale: 3 out 5.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Dreams of a Micro-Layout

The author is dreaming of a 'Louisiana Sugar Plantation' micro-layout and has started the process of creating his dream lyout. Dan has created some drawings, hand laid some track, and has scratch built two strucures for his proposed micro-layout. With my current facination with scratch building small structures the images of his two scratch built sheds perked my interest.

I should have mentioned, the discussion continues on three additional pages. See the bottom right of the page.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Out of Glue Again

There are many little things I could have done to complete the goods shed, but the only one I cared to do was to glue the windows in place. These new glue containers make it eaiser to apply the glue and they don't become clogged up as often as they used to, but it is still very hard to tell when you are running low on glue.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Roofs, Windows, and a Sign

Although I have over simplified what I have left to complete, the shed is almost ready. I need to fashion a roof for this unit. The components for the left side been cut and painted. I just need to paint a couple of windows, create some form of roof, and attach the sign "Malcolm L. McKenzie & Son" and the goods shed will be complete.

I am still trying to get my windows down pact.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Clamps and Weights

Sometimes a clamp just will not do, especially when working with a small cardstock or paper project. Usually after using gluing bracing to a section of a structure I would grab whatever was at hand, a bottle of paint, or a block of wood.

I started putting these random items aside after finding them in my travels or in my collection of random bits and miscellaneous hardware. These items are the perfect weight for my paper and cardstock projects

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Goods Sheds-a Update

I have cut out openings for the door and window and painted the rock faced embossed paper. I still need to fashion a door and window and add some trim around the door.

I added some bracing to the interior to help brace the structure and also I am hoping to keep the wall section from warping.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

A Map of Conan's World

Screenshot from Conan, a Lionsgate film, 2011.

It has been quite a while since I made a post for Conan or maps. I do have a few other screenshots and commentary that I intend to make for this film.

Friday, September 24, 2021

The Goods Shed Construction

The right hand side of a goods shed is coming along. The pictrue doesn't show all the detail. The left and right hand sides which will form the front and back have been clad with embossed stone paper and the center with clapboarding. Thay are card stock strips that have glued on to the card stock subwall. After weathering the clapboards slightly, I painted the clapboards with golden brown and dry-brushed them with a nutmeg brown.

I still need to cut out the window and door openings from the front and back and paint them to simulate stone. Next, I will add some bracing on the insides of the subwalls.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

A Pyramid Style Roof

When I tired of using the traditional gabled and slanted shed roofs on my structures I did some research of other roof types. I didn’t realize just how many different types of roofs there were. Although I have come to the point where I am willing to try other types of roofs, at the time when I saw the pyramid roof, I told myself that I would have to try this roof out on my next structure. The pyramid roof is a type of hip roof and can be built either on a square or rectangular frame.

I have experimented with different methods of fabricating this roof type and the best method that I came up with was to lay out the four triangles side by side on a piece of cardstock. I layout the first triangles width out. The width is equal to the width of the structure plus a scale foot or two. This depends on how much over-hang you want. Once you ascertain the width, divide the width by two and at this point measure up to how high you want your roof.

Score each quarter and cut out the four triangles. By the way there shouldn’t be a gap between the second and third triangle. That is a “my bad”. I used masking tape to join the four triangles from the inside. I cut the tape in half widths and used a tweezer to help position the tape to the correct position.

I have experimented with different roofing methods. One method I tried was to use corrugated panels, paper corrugated panels would be perfect, however the metal Campbell roofing look great, however will will need rubber cement to attach them. I have also used industrial paper towels, those with the right pattern embossed on them. This is what I used on the structure above and is my preferred method.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

New Project Underway-Goods Sheds

I am quite excited about starting this project. The inspiration came from an image I found in the "extras" folder on a video disk. As you can see I have cut the sub-walls for the smaller of the two shacks. This structure will "lean" against the structure on the left. This shack measures 8.5' wide by 13' long, in HO scale. The front and back will be clothed with stone embossed paper and the right hand side with hand-crafted clapboards. The clapboards measure approximately 9" wide, in 1/87 scale.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Graffiti-Laden Shelters

Some beautiful if not inspirational work has been created by Simon Laveuve and has been reported on Colossal. The amount of details and the splashes of color are simply magnificent!

Friday, September 17, 2021

Lead-pouring disaster (Rebuilding Tally Ho EP101)

I have been following this vlog for sometime and it has been quite an adventure where I have learned alot. Along the way I have witnessed the good, the bad and ugly.