Thursday, July 12, 2018

News from the New Traveler’s Almanac

Excerpt is from New Traveler’s Almanac

"In 1871 Newcastle while on a coal mine rescue mission, rescuers stumble upon an other-worldly subterranean culture called the Vril-ya. The occupants of this world are tall, and winged .The Vril-ya. have red skin and black eyes. They are a race with great longevity and are socially enlightened. It is reported that they can cure sicknesses simply by touching the wound or ill person with their lips.

The Vril-ya have skills in mechanics and artificial intelligence (albeit a very basic form of it) with their mechanical robots which attend to the Vril-ya’s every whim."

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Volume II, Moore & O’ Neil.

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