Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Greebles: How Tiny Details Make a Huge Star Wars Universe

I just found this informative article on greebling. My curiosity has been perked and I am starting to think on ways one could build there own greeble. Its not all of us you can afford to take-in dozens of model kits just for the greeble. It might make an interesting series?


  1. I remember one of the books of Star Wars had close-ups of the Millennium Falcon and you could identify bits of King Tiger tank! But . . . if the model is made in say 1:24th, with 1:32 and 1:72 greebles, the whole lot has to be scaled up and down for other models, or sets to make the whole movie . . . so a couple of tank wheels used as engine outlets, say, would then have to be copied in dozens of other scales to match, right up to life size. Much easier these days with CAD/CAM 3D printing and CNC milling?


  2. I would imagine doing it digitally would make the whole process so much easier. Just copy and paste alone would save hours on larger projects.

    Now they even have digital greeble libraries that allow for a drag and drop interface.