Monday, May 3, 2021

Two Sources for HO Scale Wall Sections

It takes time to layout window and door openings on wood and plastic siding.This process can be time consuming and tedious.

I am planning a new flag stop on my Bath River layout that will include several small one floor structures set side-by-side. I can do away with most of the materials for the side walls this way. I have been planning on doing some kit-bashing and have been looking around for ideas.

Sometimes you just want to grab a prefab wall section and go with it. Recently came across two sources of ecomonical prefab wall sections:

  1. FOS Scale Models:
  2. FO Scale Models offers a varied line of products, but what caught my eye was lazer-cut clapboard wall sections. These sections doors and window openings are deigned to fit Tichy windows and doors..
  3. Rail Service Models
  4. Look under the HO Injection Molded Kitbasher Parts link and you will find stone wall sections and some detail parts that should make the building process so much eaiser.

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