Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Lay of the Land

Westward laid the incredibly level stretch of the grassy ground of the Xurdimur. Ten thousand miles straight across, flat as a table top, broken only here and there by clumps of forests, ruins of cities, waterholes, the tents of the nomadic savages, herds of wild animals, packs of grass cats and dire dogs, and the mysterious and undoubtedly imaginary "roaming islands," great clumps of rock and dirt that legend said slid of their own volition over the plains. How like this planet, he thought, that the greatest peril to navigation should be one that existed only in the heads of the inhabitants.

The Green Odyssey, Philip José Farmer

Description of the Planet Xurdimur

“To stretch to the horizon was something on this planet. The plain was the flattest Green had ever seen. He could scarcely believe that it ran unbroken for thousands of miles. But it did, and from his high point of view he could see in a vast circle. It was a beautiful sight. The grass itself was tall and thick-bodied, about two feet high and a sixteenth of an inch through. It was a bright green, brighter than earthly grass, almost shiny. During the rainy season, he was told; it would blossom with many tiny white and red flowers and give a pleasing perfume.”

The Green Odyssey, Philip José Farmer

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Three Sites Offering Plans for HO Scale Shack and Sheds

Stone Shed – Shed #9

I appreciate these polystyrene stone building kits. I have two other stone structure kits that need to be completed. It is a shame there aren't more stone structures being offered. Perhaps I should compile a list of all the stone structures being offered for sale.

This stone shack is in disrepair. The door no longer hangs from its hinges and someone has stood the door up against the opening of the building in hopes of keeping trespassers from entering.

Although I believe this kit was manufactured in England I don’t remember its manufacturer.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Miscellaneous Quote From my Reading

I usually make post on a text for its content and usefulness in some war-gaming scenario. This quote is just for its own sake:

“The sunlight was as cold and clear as the note struck by a knife on a fine wine-glass.”

Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrel, Susanna Clarke

Sunday, January 14, 2018

More Mention about John Uskglass’s Early Years

A Host of Characters

“The Raven King resigned over his domains for over three hundred years, his kingdom being part of Faerie, Northern England, and lands beyond (a land on the far side of Hell). At the age of fourteen he had already created the system of magic that we employ today. Or rather, that we would employ, if it had not been lost. His was a perfect blending of fairy magic and human organization-their powers were webbed to his own terrifying purposefulness.”

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel, Susanna Clarke

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Tar Paper Shack-#8

I scratch built this HO scale Tar Paper Shack by wrapping bits of black construction paper around a rectangle shaped box that I fashioned from cardboard. I don’t remember adding any strip wood for interior support. I just made sure the rectangles sides were square around a fitted cardboard floor. After the glue had dried I added the construction paper in scale strips that were cut to either three or four foot widths and painted these using Floquil grimy black and then added some dry-brushing. The door was constructed out of cardboard.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Scratch Built Hose House-#7

I have made several attempts at scratch building. Some I haven’t been all that proud, while others like this structure I have been very surprised by the outcome. This structure, fashioned out of scribed wood sheet was created from a drawing of an authentic hose house. This shack was built to house a hose cart; a piece that I never got around to completing. The hose cart was used to bring the fire hose closer to the location of a fire.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Miniature Outhouse for your Miniature Population, #6

This is number six for my shack collection posts. I don’t know the manufacturer of this out-building, but it was a very easy to build.

HO-Gauge along the Line Board & Batten-Shack No. 5

I believe this plastic kit was produced by the Atlas Model Railroad Company, although I do not see this kit listed in the current catalog. Simple polystyrene construction, board and batten structure with separate door and window castings, four wall sections, and an one piece roof; I added the stove pipe and sign.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Board and Batten Shack

Here is another kit constructed from wood sheet. Unlike the previous post this one probably cost me a few dollars. It included a white metal door and window and roofing material. I added the “office” sign and stove pipe.This one needs a coat of paint on the under-side of the roof.

Free HO Gauge Sample Shack Kit

I don’t remember the source of this kit, but it was a freebie that was thrown in with my order. I must have made a couple of orders from this supplier for I have taken note that I have a duplicate of this kit that still needs to build. Surely, this duplicated will be added to my list of structures for fewer than ten dollars.

It was a very simple kit to construct and was comprised of four wooden panels, a window casting, some very finely detailed door hinges and latch, and materials for the roof. It probably took me no more than twenty minutes from start to finish completing this small kit.