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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Who Knows Where We might End-up?

You really don’t know whether Farmer’s literary mentions are “real” or are part of his Wold Newton mythos. Here are a few mentioned in his Hadon of Ancient Opar:

  1. A correlation between Gondoroko and the wilds near Khokarsan: “L’E’ tonnant voyage de Hareton Ironcastle, J. H. Rosny.
  2. Remains of Atlantis: “The Queen of Atlantic”, H. Rider. (No definite outcome)
  3. Title explains it well: “Heritage of the Flaming God: An Essay on the history of Opar…”
  4. An Inhabitant of Carcosa”, Ambrose Bierce.

Friday, March 1, 2019

The Cray Valley Railroad

I learned about the Cray Valley Railroad through my reading of Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette. The article, written by Peter Bartlett, was about his Hon30 railroad. Bartlett a native of England models an American narrow gauge prototype.

I am truly amazed by Bartlett’s roster of locomotives. The Cray Valley Railroad features dozens of steam, locomotives and critters of both types. This layout is truly a one of kind.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Host of Characters-Sahhinder

Even though he gets little more than a cameo mention in Hadon of Ancient Opar, Sahhinder is a significant figure in Farmers, Hadon of Ancient Opar. He seems to have appeared in khokarsa over a period of two thousand years and taught the ancient Khokarsans peoples animal husbandry, how to grow certain cereal plants, how to mine copper and tin, and how to fashion weapons and farm implements from these materials. Since his presence was long known abound these peoples they referred to Sahhinder 1 as god. Please see Farmer’s Times Last Gift.

1 Of course we can assume that this character was referred as Sahhinder and may have other names.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Three Maps from Hadon of Ancient Opar

I have been fascinated by maps since I was a child and this fascination has not abated since I have grown-up. I especially am fascinated with maps that pertain to the text I am studying at the time. Hadon of Ancient Opar, as the title of my post mentions includes three maps. These are located at the beginning of the book and include an ancient map of Africa, circa, 10,000 B. C. , a map of Island of Khokarsa, and a map of the central section of City of Khokarsa.

If you follow this link you will find four additional maps, three of which were originally created by Philip José Farmer.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Ratio N-gauge Builder Packs

If you are looking for scratch building supplies for those n-gauge projects, Ratio may have some of what you are looking for:


Gutters & Drainpipes


Brick Walling


Course Stone


Paving Slabs/Crazy Paving


Wood Planking


Slate Roofing


Tile Roofing






Industrial Windows


Domestic Windows




Corrugated Sheet


Roughcast Walling

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Philip José Farmer’s Khokarsa Series

I have read a few of Farmer’s Wold Newton Universe texts, although not necessarily in chronological order. I have read them as I have learned of them. Many of Farmer’s books are either out of print or, if they are available, they sell as collectors’ items.

So Hadon of Ancient Opar is the start of Khokarsa series, however through the Wold Newton Universe heredity there are so many other texts that have been written before this series was introduced that are relative the plot of this text.

So the full canon of the Khokarsa series can be considered:

“Time’s Last Gift,” Farmer (1972, reissued by Titan, 2012)
“Exiles of Kho,” Carey (Meteor House, 2012)
“Allan and the Ice Gods,” Haggard
“Hadon of Ancient Opar,” Farmer (1974, reissued by Titan, 2013)
“Flight to Opar,” Farmer (1976)
“A Kick in the Side,” Carey (“Worlds of PJF” #1, Meteor House)
“Kwasin and the Bear God,” Farmer and Carey (“Worlds of PJF” #2 and “Tales of the Wold Newton Universe,” v1, Titan Books, 2013)
“Song of Kwasin,” Farmer and Carey (2012)

This list was found on Pulp Net.

Another list:

Khokarsa Series Checklist

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Philip José Farmer-Hadon of Ancient Opar


“Welcome to the lost civilization of Khokarsa. You are about to embark on one of the most epic journeys of heroic advent in the annals of history. Philip Jose Farmers Hadon of Ancient Opar is a tale of nigh forgotten age of the earth, and when swordplay and prophesies were merely the stuff of legends, but rather the fact of everyday experience…”

Christopher Paul Carey

All of the work of Farmer’s I have read, up to this point, have been a real treat and has Carey has so enthusiastically asserted an “epic journey”. Hadon of Ancient Opar is the first in Farmer’s Khokarsa series, the first of three volumes.

Hadon of Ancient Opar is a 290-page story, and includes three maps, a description of the maps, and two addendums. In addition, there is Khokarsan language glossary. There is a lot of material to parse.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Two Praline HO Scale Vehicles

Neither of these Praline HO scale vehicles is in pristine condition. I purchased these two, along with others, years ago. Praline is a German company that at one time produced a whole selection of scale vehicles. At any rate both of these miniature models are finely cast in polystyrene.

I don’t remember seeing the headlight lens missing in the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster miniature when I first purchased the vehicle; however it could went missing at any time I had it out of its clear case.

In the case of the Peugeot, its glass pane rack needs a little glue to hold the frame down into the bed of cargo space.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Lost & Found

Someone list these characters and I had the good fortune of finding them. Both are made from plastic, one, the dinosaur is crafted from hard plastic and the other out of sort of rubber like plastic.

Because of his florescence I take this guy out with me wherever I go at night and he keeps my feet on level ground.

The other creature I found; I just let him out to do his business as he doesn’t seem to have a very high IQ and has the tendency of getting under foot. That is, he doesn’t watch where he steps and has on more one occasion has almost crushed me under foot.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Sayings of the Sage of Dissolution

“If rules make a frame-work for the mind to climb about in, why should the mind not climb right out?”

“What need or prayer? Why should there be a hundred roads to Godliness, not more or less? Do we climb anywhere on the steps to heaven? What is perfection: a process or state? When we climb to perfection is this a matter for the Gods?”

Sage of Dissolution

The Sage of Theare, Diana Wynne Jones

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Scratch-Building Rolling Stock with Styrene

Some time ago I read an interesting treatise on how to build with polystyrene. It was a great read and offered many ideas and techniques when working with polystyrene. I need to look through my reference materials and locate my copy. At any rate, I just came upon this 21 slide online presentation that details how one can get started in Scratch-Building Rolling Stock with Styrene. I believe the presentation was created with O-gauge in mind; however these hints can be used in any scale.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

And More from Philip Jose Farmer

Having read just about all of Farmer’s Wold Newton series, I am looking for more of Farmer’s work. Here is a short list of titles listed by one of the A Feast Unknown’s biographers:

World of Tiers
The Lovers
Day World
Two Hawks from Earth