Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Séance Conjures up a Pithecanthropus

'"Do you smell anything, Monsieur Mailey?"

Mailey sniffed the air.

"Yes, surely, it reminds me of our London Zoo."

"There is another more ordinary analogy. Have you been in a warm room with a wet dog?"

"Exactly," said Mailey. "That is a perfect description. But where is the dog?"

"It is not a dog. Wait a little! Wait!"

The animal smell became more pronounced. It was overpowering. Then suddenly Malone became conscious of something moving round the table. In the dim red light he was aware of a misshapen figure, crouching, ill-formed, with some resemblance to man. He silhouetted it against the dull radiance. It was bulky, broad, with a bullet-head, a short neck, and heavy, clumsy shoulders. It slouched slowly round the circle. Then it stopped, and a cry of surprise, not unmixed with fear, came from one of the sitters.

"Do not be alarmed," said Dr. Maupuis' quiet voice. "It is the Pithecanthropus. He is harmless." Had it been a cat which had strayed into the room the scientist could not have discussed it more calmly.'

Chapter 12, The Land of Mist, Arthur Conan Doyle

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Kraken Attacks the Nautilus

Disney’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Having to travel through the area of the ocean where the mighty kraken existed the Nautilus was inadvertently attacked by a kraken. The kraken presumably mistook the Nautilus to be a whale of the species that it would typically assail.

Disney’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Discharging an electrical current to the outside of the submarine only temporally deterred the kraken’s attack on the Nautilus and it was back on the Nautilus with multiple tentacles. Having burned out the electrical discharge circuit the Nautilus comes to the surface of the ocean during a tempest, to battle the monster with axes and grappling hooks.

Disney’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Several men were either injured or lost during the battle that ensued. It wasn’t until Ned Land the renowned harpooner hit the kraken in one of its eyes did the kraken withdraw.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Another Appearance of the Phantom Ship (The Flying Dutchman)

“Why, the fact is, I did not see anything but the loom of her hull," replied the other. "It was very strange; the night was fine, and the heavens clear; we were under top-gallant sails, for I do not carry on during the night, or else we might have put the royals on her; she would have carried them with the breeze. I had turned in, when about two o'clock in the morning the mate called me to come on deck. I demanded what was the matter, and he replied he could hardly tell, but that the men were much frightened, and that there was a Ghost Ship, as the sailors termed it, in sight. I went on deck; the entire horizon was clear, but on our quarter was a sort of fog, round as a ball, and not more than two cables' length from us.

We were going about four knots and a half free, and yet we could not escape from this mist. 'Look there,' said the mate. ‘Why, what the devil can it be.' Said I, rubbing my eyes. ‘No banks up to windward, and yet a fog in the middle of a clear sky, with a fresh breeze, and with water all around it ; ' for you see the fog did not cover more than a dozen cables' length, as we could perceive by the horizon on each side of it. ' Hark, sir ! ' said the mate — ' they are speaking again.' ‘Speaking ! ' said I, and I listened ; and from out this ball of fog I heard voices. At last, one cried out, ' Keep a sharp look- out forward, d'ye hear? ' ' Ay, ay, sir ! ‘replied another voice. ‘Ship on the starboard bow, sir.' ‘Very well; strike the bell there forward.' And then we heard the bell toll. ‘It must be a vessel,' said I to the mate. 'Not of this world, sir,' replied he. ‘Hark! ‘‘A gun ready forward.' ‘Ay, ay, sir! ' was now heard out of the fog, which appeared to near us ; ' all ready, sir.' ‘Fire! 'The report of the gun sounded on our ears like thunder, and then.”

‘Well, and then? '', said the captain of the Batavia, breathless.

‘And then,’ replied the other captain, solemnly, 'the fog and all disappeared as if by magic, the whole horizon was clear, and there was nothing to be seen."

The Phantom Ship, Frederick Marryat.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Disney’s Nautilus Submarine

It has been a while since I made my last post on Captain Nemo’s Nautilus Submarine. Over the holidays I watched Disney’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea for the sole purpose of taking some screenshots of the Nautilus. Back in March of 2014 I made a post on the Nautilus where I mentioned how Disney’s rendition of the Nautilus seems to be the most popular version purported in popular culture.

Here are a few of the screen shots of the Nautilus.

Disney’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Disney’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Disney’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Disney’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Disney’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Disney’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Monday, February 22, 2016

An Appearence of the Flying Dutchman

"The captain, Hillebrant, and Philip directed their eyes to the quarter pointed out, and thought they could perceive something like a vessel. Gradually the gloom seemed tc clear away, and a lambent pale blaze to light up that part of the horizon. Not a breath of wind was on the water, the sea was like a mirror. More and more distinct did the vessel appear, till her hull, masts and yards were clearly visible. They looked and rubbed their eyes to help their vision, for scarcely could they believe that which they did see. In the centre of the pale light, which extended about fifteen degrees above the horizon, there was indeed a large ship about three miles distant ; but, although it was a perfect calm, she was to all appearance buffeting in a violent gale, plunging and lifting over a surface that was smooth as glass, now careening to her bearing, then recovering herself. Her topsails and mainsail were furled, and the yards pointed to the wind ; she had no sail set, but a close-reefed fore-sail, a storm stay-sail, and trysail abaft. She made little way through the water, but apparently neared them fast, driven down by the force of the gale. Each minute she was plainer to the view. At last, she was seen to wear, and in so doing, before she was brought to the wind on the other tack, she was so close to them that they could distinguish the men on board : they could see the foaming water as it was hurled from her bows -, hear the shrill whistle of the boatswain's pipes, the creaking of the ship's timbers, and the complaining of her masts ; and then the gloom gradually rose, and in a few seconds she had totally disappeared."

The Phantom Ship, Frederick Marryat

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Replicants Town Crier

Replicants 25th Anniversary 1/32 Plastic Figure

I purchased this figure some time ago and presented this figure along with the rest of my purchase at the time. Although I have thought of purchasing a few more 1/32 pieces, especially now that Replicants has some fine sales, I haven’t made any purchases of this size of miniature since

Friday, February 19, 2016

Properties for Histrofigs Beast #2

Is this creature a Sasquatch or otherwise known as a Bigfoot?









Methods of Attacks:

This creature is very large and strong. It can easily knock or push large and heavy objects out of its way.

It has claws and with its strength could easily disfigure its prey with one sweep of its paw. It also has a set to teeth that can be used tear and chew.

Other Characteristics:

Those with a sensitive sense of smell might smell this creature before you hear or see it. People often associate its odor to one of an un-bathed dog.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Seven Spheres

Mr Chang expounds on the topic of the seven spheres.

"There are seven spheres round the world, heaviest below, lightest above. First sphere is on the earth. These people belong to that sphere. Each sphere is separate from the other. Therefore it is easier for you to speak with these people than for those in any other sphere."

"And easier for them to speak to us?"

"Yes. That why you should be plenty careful when you do not know to whom you talk. Try the spirits."

"What sphere do you belong to, Chang?"

"I come from Number Four sphere."

"Which is the first really happy sphere?"

"Number Three. Summerland. Bible book called it the third heaven. Plenty sense in Bible book, but people do not understand."

And the seventh heaven?"

"Ah! That is where the Christs are. All come there at last —you, me, everybody."

"And after that?"

"Too much question, Mr. Mailey. Poor old Chang not know so much as that.

Chapter 10, The Land of Mist, Arthur Conan Doyle

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Properties for Histrofigs Beast #1






1 (only during nights of a full moon during the spring and summer)


This beast is not all that stealth-full in itself as you might hear its shuffle across weeds and twigs as it glides to a desirable location.

Method of

If you get close enough to the Venus fly trap located on its one branch you might lose a mouthful of flesh.

It can also send out suckers to hopefully entwine its victims. Never lay a bed roll out anywhere near this creature for it is sure to entangle you while you sleep and you draw you back to itself. You will waken to find yourself hopelessly entangled and held tightly.

Once it has you totally entangled to itself it is slow and tortuous process as the its vines and creepers start to constrict on all points that you have become entwined. Eventually you will become one with this vegetable creature.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Quote for The Land of Mist

"Let's have the yarn," said Lord Roxton, munching at a sandwich.

"He was there away back in Queen Victoria's time. I've seen him myself. A long, stringy, dark-faced kind of man, with a round back and a queer, shuffling way of walking. They say he had been in India all his life, and some thought he was hiding from some crime, for he would never show his face in the village and seldom came out till after dark. He broke a dog's leg with a stone, and there was some talk of having him up for it, but the people were afraid of him, and no one would prosecute. The little boys would run past, for he would sit glowering and glooming in the front window. Then one day he didn't take the milk in, and the same the next day, and so they broke the door open, and he was dead in his bath —but it was a bath of blood, for he opened the veins of his arm. Tremayne was his name. No one here forgets it."

Chapter 8, The Land of Mist, Arthur Conan Doyle

Friday, February 12, 2016

1/87 scale 1 ½ Ton Federal Dump Truck

The truck has a Model-T type cab and spoked wheels. I cannot put an exact year on this model, but Model T’s were produced by the Ford Motor Company from October 1, 1908, to May 26, 1927. If my memory serves me right this model is one from the early twenties? With sixteen parts this Woodland Scenics model has a very intricate for something of its size.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Host of Characters-Professor Challenger-ETC

As to speaking of the entering Professor Challenger's “study-thrown” while he is in study:

“Servants would hardly dare to enter the room where glooming and glowering; the maned and bearded head looked up from his papers as a lion from a bone. Even his own daughter, Enid could dare him at such a time, and even she felt occasionally that sinking of the heart which the bravest of tamers may experience as he unbars the gate of the cage.”

The Land of Mist, Arthur Conan Doyle

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

HO Scale “Little Hook”

Alexander Scale Models, is now a subsidy of Tomar Industries. The "Little Hook" is an authentically scaled 1/87 model. This model includes metal, wood, and plaster components.

The original prototype was found in Bay City Michigan, at the Industrial Browhoist Company. It took 440 volts to run its two motors. One motor a 10 hp hoist motor and the other a 6 hp slewing motor. This hoisting hook can be used to load and off-load all types of train cargo.

The “Little Hook” model features:

  • Three optional cab designs
  • All dock parts cut to length
  • Nine super detailed metal castings
  • Plaster mounting base
  • Detailed full-sized instructions

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Quote from Chapter 4, The Land of Mist

“ ‘There is some poor fellow here.’

‘He was a cleric, and very narrow, bigoted one; this growth of his own mental seed sown upon earth-sown in ignorance and reaped in misery.’

‘What is a miss with him?’

‘He does not know he is dead. He walks in the mist. It is all an evil dream to him. He has been many years so. To him it seems an eternity.’"

Chapter 4, The Land of Mist, Arthur Conan Doyle

Monday, February 8, 2016

4mm/OO Wallace & Stevens Advance Steam Roller

4mm/OO; British equivalent to the American HO scale? One of the gifts I received this past season. This Wallace & Stevens Advance Steam Roller model has a dozen or so white metal parts that can be assembled with CA or quick acting epoxy glue. There aren’t too many small parts here. I will be using epoxy for the larger components and CA for the smaller detail parts. It comes with a full sheet of detailed instructions and some nicely detailed parts. Kit also comes with two HO scale figures.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Escape of the Dead- Yet another game of zombies

Escape of the Dead is another fine game from the folks of the Experimental Playground. The game includes three cards, with backs, eight miniature zombies, and a one page pocket mod with the game instructions. The art work on the game components is great.

The three cards represent the Lawn, Barricades, and the Garage. These cards represent three unique phases of the game. The object of this solo game is to fix your vehicle while defending yourself against hordes of zombies who are continuously trying to break into the garage.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

McDonalds Happy Meal News Extra

We will need to wait until February 15th for McDonalds to release the next set of Happy Meal Toys, as McDonalds is trying a grand experiment and giving away free books instead of toys during this period.

See the following sites for additional information:

A Host of Characters-The Land of Mist’s, Mr. Chang

Mr. John Terbane was the medium or channel for several disembodied spirits that evening, one being the venerable Mr. Chang.

“They were not long in coming. Terbane suddenly sat up, his dreamy self transformed into a very alert and masterful individuality. A subtle change had passed over his ace. An ambiguous smile fluttered upon his lips, his eye seemed more oblique and less open, his face projected. The two hands were thrust into the sleeves of his blue lounge jacket.

"Good evening," said he, speaking crisply and in short staccato sentences. "New faces! Who these?"

"Good evening, Chang," said the master of the house.

"You know Mr. Mason. This is Mr. Malone who studies our subject. This is Lord Roxton who has helped me to-day."

As each name was mentioned, Terbane made a sweeping Oriental gesture of greeting, bringing his hand down from his forehead. His whole bearing was superbly dignified and very different from the humble little man who had sat down a few minutes before.

"Lord Roxton!" he repeated. "An English milord! I knew Lord —Lord Macart No —I —I cannot say it. Alas I I called him 'foreign devil' then. Chang, too, had much to learn."

"He is speaking of Lord Macartney. That would be over a hundred years ago. Chang was a great living philosopher then," Mailey explained.

"Not lose time!" cried the control. "Much to do to-day. Crowd waiting. Some new, some old. I gather strange folk in my net. Now I go." He sank back among the cushions. A minute elapsed, then he suddenly sat up.

"I want to thank you," he said, speaking perfect English. "I came two weeks ago. I have thought over all you said. The path is lighter."

"Were you the spirit who did not believe in God?"

‘Yes, yes! I said so in my anger. I was so weary —so weary. Oh, the time, the endless time, the grey mist, the heavy weight of remorse! Hopeless! Hopeless! And you brought me comfort, you and this great Chinese spirit. You gave me the first kind words I have had since I died.’

The Land of Mist, Arthur Conan Doyle

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Civil War 1/87 Figures Collection

This collection is almost complete. These figures are from Thomas miniatures, now defunct, and are part of their Civil War collection and represent remnants of a couple artillery crews. In order to field these figures I need to complete two cannon. I believe I have between six and eight cannon, of different types.

At the time I had thought of adding a Civil War reenactment scene to my layout, but I wasn’t able to purchase enough of these miniatures to create a convincing scene. Although Preiser does manufacture American Civil War figures, to create the scene I had in mine would be too costly.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

McDonalds Ninja Rabbid Happy Meal Toy

McDonald’s Happy Meal toy, Rabbids #5, stands approximately 4.75 inches high. McDonalds featured Rabbid’s in January’s happy meals. The plunger, one of the Rabbid’s preferred weapons can be wound up clock wise. Once the plunger is tapped it will spin counter-clockwise for some time.

Rabbids are an indigenous race of extra-terrestrial rabbit-like creatures who are very dimwitted, and eccentric. They do not need air and can live anywhere and are particularly fond of sleeping in junkyards."