Saturday, August 23, 2014

Three Person Games

The problem with Axis and Allies is, to play the affectively, you must have five players. I always have a problem of getting five like-minded players around a table to play this game. We usually we have one or two inexperienced players, which takes some of the fun out of the game.

Of cause there are other games available that only require two or three players. I find that games that require a minimum of three players are usually the most fun to play.

Recently, I came across this list of three player games. The list is not at all inclusive, as the author only mentions the games he currently owns and has played; quite an impressive list in my estimation. There are no links to any of the mentioned games though. This might be a good project during the winter when I am snow bound.

Axis and Allies: Secret Wars

One of the highlights of the original Axis and Allies were its supplemental rules that allowed one to pay a few IPC’s and roll a die. Upon obtaining a 6 the player could add technology advancements to their countries war capabilities.

I have seen and used other scenarios when playing Axis and Allies, but with Gremlins, Werewolves, Secret Fortresses, Ninjas, and Sea Monsters Axis and Allies: Secret Wars scenarios are quite different. Adding anyone of these scenarios will defiantly make your next game of A & A different.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Hares of Salamanastron

Boar would send several of his hares out on recon missions. The hares of Salamanastron were the eyes and ears of Lord Boar. As the four adventures got nearer to Salamanastron they were noticed.  Trubbs, Wother, Ffring were sent by Lord Boar to intercept the four and lead them to the mountain fortress.

The hares that live under the mountain of Salamanastron are Trubbs, Wother, Ffring, three doe eyed hares named Harebell, Honeydew, and Willow which rendered Trubbs, Wather, and Ffring speechless with just the flutter of their eyes. There were also a huge hare, Buffheart, his wife, Lupin, and their two children, Starbuck and Breeze.


“Harabell, Honeydew, and Willow,
Each a pretty thing;
Bold brave and fearless,
Wother, Trubbs and Ffring;
Lupin, Buffheart, Starbuck, Breeze,
Swift as winds across the trees,
Rule o`er land and sea herefrom,

A song of Gonff for the Hares of Salamanastron, Mossfollower, page 326.

The Quest for Salamandastron

The ship had been lost and the rest of the journey had to be done on foot. As the four adventures drew closer to Salamandastron, the mountain “flared crimson against the dark sky”, and Gonff began to sing this song:

‘Always the tide comes flowing in.
Ever it goes out again.
Sleep ‘neath the shore evermore,
Free from hunger and pain.
Morning light will bring the sun;
Seasons go rolling on.
Questing ever far from home,
For Salamandastron.’

(Mossflower, 285)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Battle of Lobositz-A Free Print and Play Game

The Battle of Lobositz is a two player game which depicts the first field battle of the Seven Years War. This battle depicts a battle between the forces of Austria and Prussia. The game is complete with a game board, game markers for Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery units, and rules for the engagement. There are two game maps provided, a smaller version and a larger, with what looks like a multipage printout. The rules for the engagement are simple and straight forward. All you need to supply to play are a few 6-sided dice.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Ships of Mossflower

Although Mossflower is not a maritime story it does have a maritime element to it; there are two ships mentioned within its pages.


Waterwing was built by Log-a-Log, a shrew. (The land of the shrews was sacked by Ripfang and his band of sea rats. The shrews that were not killed were put to the oars as galley slaves.) Waterwing is a gallery that is fit with a sail. She was lost on her maiden voyage after she came in contact with cataracts on the Great South Stream.


The Bloodwake like the Waterwing is a galley that is fit with sails. Bloodwake is commanded by Ripfang the sea-rat, the “most black hearted sea-rat or’em all”, and is crewed by a crew of murderous sea-rats and other assorted misfits. The Bloodwake is painted black and has a large bleached skull and fin of some sea-fish on its bow.

The Bloodwake, once captured by Martin and his friends and was renamed Wuddshipp. Wuddshipp would be scuttled in order to flood the River Moss. She was eventually refloated and used to ferry stone from the quarry to the location for the new Redwall Abby. 

A Song for a Sailor Mouse

Gonff, Martin, Dinny, and Log-log, the captain of the Waterwing set off for Salamandstron. Gonff sang this song while he was aboard the Waterwing, which was venturing out on its maiden voyage.

“O for the life of a sailor-mouse, it’s better than Kotir gaol,
A rest for the weary traveling paws,
With wind to drive our sail.
There’s a shrew for skipper, two mice for mates and mole for a cabin boy.
When we sight Salamandstron, we’ll shout out loud, Ahoy!"

(Mossflower, 217)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Finding Purpose for my Splintered Light Miniatures

Although I have completed two of the five projects for August, these two Splintered Light minis are long overdue. These two are numbers three and four of the set of five 20mm miniatures. The five are part of Splintered Light’s Faithful Heroes 2 which includes two mice, a hare, badger, and an otter. The badger will be on September’s projects list.

I have read the Chronicles of Narnia and the first two volumes of Brian Jacques, Redwall series and it seems that out of the two series, to make use of my Splintered Light miniatures, the Redwall series seems to be a better candidate for creating some type of war or skirmish game.

Splintered Light 20mm miniatures are wardrobed in the correct attire and there are many of the same animals available from Splintered Light that has been mentioned within these two volumes.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Gonff's Sings a Song as they Start-out on their Quest for Salamandastron

As Martin, Gonff, and Dinny head off to find Salamandastron, Gonff retorts with a little ditty for the occasion. 

“A questing –O the friends did go,
Companions brave and bold,
O’er forest, filed and flowing stream,
Cross mountains high and old.
These brave young creatures journeying,
Along the road together,
While birds did sing through the spring,
Into the summer weather."

(Mossflower, 141)

Cagway Bay, a Pirates Miniatures Game

Cagway Bay is free game that is in beta. Cagway Bay can make use of your Pirates of the Spanish Main ship miniatures. The site offers a “bare-bones” scenario, which pits three blockade runner ships against three blockade ships. There is a movement wheel and charts for boarding and cannon fire actions.

The basic idea of the game is for the runner to send three ships to a distant island; only one of the ships actually carries a special cargo, the other two ships act like decoys to lead the ships of the blockade off their watch and allow the prize ship to arrive to its destination.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Way to Salamanastron

A piece of parchment was found affixed to the bottom of the table that contained the directions, as the crow flies; to Salamanastron, as seen through the eyes of a goose.

"Twixt earth and sky where birds can fly,
I look below to see
A place of wood with plumage green
That breezes move like sea.
Behind me as the dawn breaks clear,
Woodpigeons come awake,
See brown dust roll, twixt green and gold,
Unwinding like a snake.
So fly and sing, the wildgoose is King.
O'er golden acres far below,
Our wings beat strong and true,
Where deep and wet, see flowering yet,
Another snake of blue.
Across the earth is changing shape,
With form and colour deep,
Afar the teeth of land rise up,
To bite the wool of sheep.
So fly and sing, the wildgoose is King.
Beyond this, much is lost in mist,
But here and there I see
The treachery of muddy grey,
'Tis no place for the free.
O feathered brethren of the air,
Fly straight and do not fall,
Onward cross the wet gold flat,
Where seabirds wheel and call.
So fly and sing, the wildgoose is King.
The skies are growing darker, see
Our beacon shining bright.
Go high across the single fang
That burns into the night.
We leave you now as we wing on,
Our journey then must be
Where sky and water meet in line,
And suns drown in the sea.
So fly and sing, the wildgoose is King."

(Mossflower, 142-43)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another Clue as to the Location of Salamanastron (2nd preamble)

The second riddle pointed to a table in Brockhall, actually under the table. Directions to Salamanastron as seen by a goose while in flight can be found under the table where “ale, bread, and cheese” are consumed.

“Boar is badger, named after wood,
Not after forest, but trees.
Where did you play on a rainy day?
Where did I eat bread and cheese?
Search inside, stay indoors.
Look up and find the secret is yours.
Your castle, your fort,
Or so you thought.
The way is in four trees.
The way is in Boar in Brockhall.
Under ale, under bread, under cheese.”

(Mossflower, 135)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Four Dreadfleet Resources

I have looked at the Games Workshop’s Dreadfleet game before and wondered whether I should make the purchase. The box is cram packed with multiple plastic spruce with game components attached. The whole game, with the exception of game board, a large cloth map, will need to be assembled and painted. The instructions and art within the instruction booklet is splendid and the game is said to play well.

With all that you receive with the purchase of this game, its price that nears $80.00 is not all that bad. I might consider purchasing this game; it would definitely keep me busy for a while. However, am I up to the task?

Dreadfleet - An Introduction

A Games Work introductory video that gives you a preview of the game plot the game components.

Dreadfleet Review – First Game

Like the title alludes to the site gives the battle report from the author’s first game of Dreadfleet.  

Dreadfleet assembly and painting tutorials

 Provides multiple videos on the assembly and painting of many of Dreadfleets components.

Miniature Miscellany-DreadFleet

Features the author’s review of and his progress painting several of Dreadfleets ships and other components.

Side Tracked Again-Starfish

The Mariana Trench, with a depth of 35,797 feet at its lowest point is the deepest point on earth and is the deepest of all the world’s ocean trenches. Man has started to tap vents in the oceans trenches for energy and who knows what else. The pressure at these depths is deadly to man and only a few creatures live at this level. To improve the odds and allow man live and work at these depths science has found ways to genetically and mechanically alter man.

Starfish is the first in a series and is followed by Behemoth and Maelstrom. Starfish was written by Peter Watts, a marine biologist by trade. Starfish, is his first novel and is a gritty science fiction thriller, which pits the personalities of a bunch of nonconformists and misfits against a hostile environment and its hideous but fragile sea creatures.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Quest of Salamanastron-A Clue

Looking for clues that might have been left behind by Bella’s father, Bella, Martin, Gonff, and Dinny took to ransacking Bella’s study. The party was looking through stacks of dusty scrolls that littered the desk and room.

Becoming frustrated, Martin bangs his paw on the desk and out pops a secret drawer. Inside the drawer sits a single sheet of parchment with the following words being written on it in the hand of Boar the Fighter.

This is the first clue, a preamble to the location of Salamanastron.

“To the mountain of fire where badgers go,
The path is fraught with danger,
The way is long and hard and slow,
Through foe and hostile stranger,
The warrior’s heart must never fail,
Or falter on his quest.
Those who live to tell the tale,
First must turn he crest.”

(Mossflower, 132)

A Source of Warhammer Plastic Spruce

Some time ago I made a post of suppliers of plastic spruce. These suppliers supplied plastic spruces of 28mm and 1/72 scale miniatures that were historic in nature. The Bitz Barn offers wide selection of Warhammer fantasy miniatures spruce.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Ritual of Villains

“Shake paws, count your claws,
You steal mine, I’ll borrow yours.
Watch my whiskers, check both ears.
Robber foxes have no fears”

(Mossflower, 201)

This oath was taken between two like minded Fox, except one wasn’t. Patchcoat was actually a weasel, that was dressed like a fox, from Mossflower who was sent to intercept Fortunata, which was out by the orders of the queen “thousand eyes” to look for clues as to the where-about’s of the creatures of Mossflower. The creatures of Mossflower had been waging war against the forces of Kotir and had proved they could fight an effective guerilla war against the superior forces of Kotir.

The Quest for Salamanastron

“Salamandastron is a large, extinct volcano on the western shore of Mossflower.” Salamandastron is described as “Fire Mountain”, and secret place of dragons. Bella is sending Martin and Gonff to find her father Boar the Fighter which is reported to have traveled to Salamandastron. Boar the Fighter is to be apprised of the situation back in Mossflower.

The location of Salamandastron is a mystery and Bella and her cohorts are looking for clues that might have been left behind by Bella’s father as to its location.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Dreadfleet Leviathan Island

My Dreadfleet islands have arrived from Hoard O’ Bits. The islands are just about the right size for my Pirates at Ocean's Edge, ECT games. Even though there isn’t too much in the way of assembly, I appreciate having something to fit together before painting a piece. These islands will be a welcome addition to the flat cardboard islands that are supplied with these game packages.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mysterious Islands Game

Mysterious Islands site includes a basic premise of the game, instructions on how to play, and the materials needed to play the game. The game is played with up to six players. Each player takes one of the associated factions. The factions of Mysterious Islands are The Pirates, Dr. Nemo, Dr. Moreau, The Rebels, The British East India Company, The Zombies, and The Natives. Each faction is either fighting to keep the territory they already have or trying to unseat the other factions from their domains.

Mysterious Islands uses a hex-game-board map of a Pacific archipelago consisting of 11 main islands and several smaller islands. Each faction chooses one island as its base. The game lasts 12 rounds. During a round, each player takes a turn. Each turn includes the following phases: Recruit Phase, Movement Phase, Bombardment Phase, Action Phase, and Combat Phase.

If one could come up with the required game-board, the game looks like it might be interesting to play. Anyone know of an online map creator that could be used to produce the game board?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hare’s featured in The Chronicles of Narnia

The only hare mentioned of a Hare in The Chronicles of Narnia is a mention of Moonwood, a talking hare that lived in the sixth century of Narnia. The mention of Moonwood was made during a conversation between the unicorn Jewel and his friends before the “last battle”. Moonwood’s hearing was said to be so good that he could hear a whispered conversation in Cair Paravel.

It is a wonder that Lewis makes a mention of Moonwood at all because there is no other mention of him elsewhere within the volumes of Narnia.

Hare’s featured in Redwall

Although there are other hares I have yet to meet, in the Redwall series, one hare is prominent in the first volume in the Redwall. Basil Stag Hare, previously a member of the Fur and Foot Fighting Patrol, as well as an outfit known as the 47th Hare Border Rangers had played a big part in the first volume of Redwall. “Basil Stag was an expert in camouflage, and was well-known for his appetite.” Basil befriended Matthias had helped Matthias in freeing several of Matthias’s compatriots from Cluny the Scourge.

With this entry, I have added another new label to my ever growing collection of tags. This entry is labeled, among other descriptors, Hare’s and Rabbits. I have grouped the two of these two creatures together, not because they are one of the same species, but because they have similar characteristics.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Gonff Sings Grace

“Squirrels, otters, hedgehogs, mice,
Moles with fur like sable,
Gathered in good spirits all,
Round this festive table.
Sit we down to eat and drink.
Friends, before we do, let’s think.
Fruit of forest, field, and banks.
To the springtime, we give thanks.”

(Mossfollow, 109)

A Pot Luck Affair at Bella’s

The woodlanders were told to meet at Bella’s for a meeting to come up with ideas on how to best confront Tsarmina Greeneyes and her armies. Most of the participating woodlanders brought something with them to share with the others. Martin had eaten at many tables, but never did he sit at a table with so many excellent dishes:

Bulrush and fresh water shrimp soup
A flagon of hot root punch
Hazelnut truffle
Blackberry Apple crumb
Baked sweet chestnuts
Honeyed toffee pairs
Maple three cordial
Current and berry pies
Potato scones
A cask of October ale
Turnip’ n’ tater, beetroot’ n’ tater, and been’ n’ tarter pie with tomato chutney

Friday, August 1, 2014

My Late Spring and Summer Reading, an Update

It seems that I have barely made a dent into my reading. But, alas, I am not one to stick strictly to anything, much to my determent. Not listed here is the Chronicles of Narnia, that I was in the middle of reading when I created this list, nor is The Alchemist, a book I through into my reading of two other texts. At any rate here is an updated list of my reading thus so far.

Unfinished Tales, J.R.R. Tolkien
The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien
Mossflower (Redwall #2), Brian Jacques
The Scarlet Pimpernel, Baroness Emma Orczy
El Dorado, Baroness Emma Orczy
The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel, Baroness Emma Orczy
The Elusive Pimpernel, Baroness Emma Orczy
Five Weeks in a Balloon, Jules Verne
Michael Strogoff or Curer for the Czar, Jules Verne
The Adventures of Captain Horn, Frank R. Stockton

Aqua colored text indicates texts I am currently reading.

Projects for August

Here it is August already! Where have the last two months gone; another academic year is almost upon me.

The 28mm Persian miniature did not get painted last month or the month before. Perhaps this miniature will get some attention sometime in the near future. It seems that am a bit more ambitious this month. We will see.

  1. Paint Dreadfleet Leviathan Island (Scenery piece)
  2. Finish painting my Splintered Light Hare and Beaver (20mm)
  3. Paint base piece (this will be used to display a couple of steam engines that I have completed some time ago and some robot miniatures that I will be painting in the near future)
  4. Complete small metal shed (This is my first DIY project in a while. I also have a few other DIY projects that I that want to accomplish in the near future)
  5. Create and or paint a few prop pieces for the base, see number 3 (gear, slab of steal, and rusty spring)