Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Down and Out

The page features five structures that have seen better days. I would suppose their creation were a lot of fun, but I don't know how satisfying the outcome would be. I have a hard time comprehending the process that went into these structures. They look so bygone and abandoned and have seen many years of neglect.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

10 Must-“Visit” Fictional Lands

10 Must-“Visit” Fictional Lands is a short directory of ten fictional lands created by the likes of Lovecraft, Edgar Rice Burrough, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien

The Geography of Lovecraft’s Dreamlands

"The Dreamlands is divided into four continental regions, each named for its cardinal direction.

The West is the most well-known region of the Dreamlands and is probably the most peopled as well. It is where dreamers emerge from the Steps of Deeper Slumber. The port of Dylath-Leen, the largest city of the Dreamlands, lies on its coast. The town of Ulthar, where no man may kill a cat, is also located here. Other important cities are Hlanith (a coastal jungle city) and Ilarnek (a desert trade capital). The land of Mnar and the ruins of Sarnath are found at the southern border. The Enchanted Wood of the Zoogs is also found here. It joins the South.

The South is the southern coastal region of the continent shared by the West along with the islands of the Southern Sea, including the isle of Oriab, the largest. The South's land-locked regions and its coastal areas are known as the Fantastic Realms, because they contain nightmarish and sometimes incomprehensible zones. Otherwise, the islands of the Southern Sea are fairly normal.

The East is a continent that is largely uninhabited, except for Ooth-Nargai. The city of Celephaïs is the capital of Ooth-Nargai and was created from whole cloth by its monarch King Kuranes, the greatest of all recorded dreamers. Beyond Ooth-Nargai are The Forbidden Lands, dangerous realms into which travel is interdicted.

The North is a cold, mountainous continent notorious for its Plateau of Leng, a violent region shared by man-eating spiders and satyr-like beings known as the "Men of Leng". The North also has a number of friendlier places, such as the city of Inganok, famous for its onyx quarries. The deepest reaches of the North are said to hold Unknown Kadath, the home of the Great Ones.

In addition to these regions, the Dreamlands has a few other locales that defy conventional description.

The Underworld is a subterranean region that runs beneath the whole of the Dreamlands. Its principle inhabitants are ghouls, who can physically enter the waking world through crypts. The Underworld is also home to the Gugs, monstrous giants banished from the surface for untold blasphemies. The Underworld's deepest realm is the Vale of Pnath, a dangerous lightless chasm inhabited by enormous unseen beasts called bholes. Bholes are likely the ancestors of the dholes of Yaddith.

The Moon has a parallel in the Dreamlands and is inhabited by the dreaded moon-beasts, amorphous frog-like creatures allied with Nyarlathotep. Interestingly, it is possible for a ship to sail off the edge of the Dreamlands and travel through space to the moon.”

Yog-Sothoth Wiki

Map of Lovecraft's Dreamlands

Lovecraft's Dreamlands Literature

Thursday, July 12, 2018

News from the New Traveler’s Almanac

Excerpt is from New Traveler’s Almanac

"In 1871 Newcastle while on a coal mine rescue mission, rescuers stumble upon an other-worldly subterranean culture called the Vril-ya. The occupants of this world are tall, and winged .The Vril-ya. have red skin and black eyes. They are a race with great longevity and are socially enlightened. It is reported that they can cure sicknesses simply by touching the wound or ill person with their lips.

The Vril-ya have skills in mechanics and artificial intelligence (albeit a very basic form of it) with their mechanical robots which attend to the Vril-ya’s every whim."

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Volume II, Moore & O’ Neil.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Quotes from Four Gentleman and One Extraordinary Woman

Nina Harker

“I feel a wonderful peace and rest tonight. It is as if some haunting presence were removed from me. Perhaps.”

Henry Jekyll

“Edward Hyde alone in the ranks of mankind, was pure evil.”

Harwley Griffen

“This is day one of year one of the new epoch-the epochs of the Invisible Man. I am Invisible Man the First.”

Allan Quatermain

“I’ve killed many a man in my time, but I have never slain wantonly or stained my hand in innocent blood, but only in self-defense.”

Captain Nemo

"I am not what you call a civilized man! I have done with society entirely, for reasons which I alone have the right of appreciating.”

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Volume II, Moore & O’ Neil