Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bombshell Miniatures 20mm Doom Bunny

Who would have known that a Zombie had fallen and was lying with its mouth wide open at the top of your borrow. The Zombie instinctively chomped down on the bunnies’ ear when the rabbit stuck its ear out to catch sound of anything that might have been lurking about.

The bunny quickly withdrew its head further into the burrow. It looked horrified on its now nibbled ear and did its best to keep what had happened from the youngsters. The bunny stayed put the rest of the day nursing its young and its ear.

It wasn’t unit the next day that the bunny got out of its burrow to feed. It was not until nightfall that the bunny returned to its nest to find all of her young ones missing. There was plenty of blood and fur leading up to the nest. It was obvious that the Zombies had made another appearance. The bunny picked up the very first defensive instrument it found, but everyone knows the only defense against a Zombie is offence. The bunny has not let that axe out of her paws since. 

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