Thursday, February 28, 2013

Collecting Replicants Miniatures

Replicants is a manufacture of limited run polythene 1/32 (54mm) figures and produces figures in many unique poses. They produce a varied line of figures that include medieval, American Civil War, American Wild West, Napoleonic soldiers, and other period pieces.

The figures come in a verity of colors; colors used I presume, are what they have on hand on the day the production. Polythene is a hard plastic and produces figures with sharp details. There are a few pieces on the site that are out of production. There might be a few of these figures lying about. Just contact the manufacturer and ask for availability.

I have painted five figures from my collection so far. This is my first experience with this sized figure, and I must say that working with a larger figure definitely makes painting and detailing them easier on the eyes.

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