Wednesday, December 21, 2016

John Gribardsun-A Host of Characters

Gribardsun beginnings date back 12000 years before Christ and to the origins of the Khokarsan civilization. “Gribardsun’s ebony hair hung in his face, covering his piercing gray eyes, as he sat alone in his room, starring at the floor brooding…

Eridaneans and Capellenas. Some sort of competing secret societies, so-called because their membership, rituals, and purpose were clandestine?

Perhaps related to the Illuminanti? The Rosicrucians? Those groups were supposedly interested in gathering secret knowledge from all over the world…

He thought of the importance of the number nine in Khokarsan culture, and the nine-sided temple of Kho. The Door of the Nine, which gave unto the temple. And the nine primary aspects of Kho.”

The Wild Huntsmen, Tales of the Wold Newton Universe, Philip Jose Farmer

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