Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Capsule Toys-Buk Choy Boys

While walking down the beach listening to the surf and enjoying the scenery I happened to notice these little creatures. They had just come out of the brine and were standing investigating their surroundings.

I scooped them up carried them off in an empty Styrofoam coffee cup. I carried them home, set the cup down and to be honest, forgot all about them. It wasn’t until I got home from work the next day that I realized my negligence. The cup stood were I had left it, but upon closer inspection I noticed that the four creatures had gotten out of their improvised prison by crewing (?) a hole big enough for them to escape.

Over the next few hours I searched high and low for the creatures. I finally found them hunched together in a bowl in which my wife stores her collection of sparkly bits of glass. The creatures must have thought they had found some kindred souls in which to fellowship.

These Buk Choy Boy miniatures stand about one-inch-tall and are made of a transparent rigid, but squeezable rubber like material. They all have some type of imprint on the back of their heads and a Chinese inscription just above their eyes, which look rather alien in nature.

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