Friday, July 21, 2017

Bibliography of Farmer’s Published Fictional-Authored Stories

“The unconscious is the true democracy. All things, all people are equal.” Philip Jose Farmer

Farmer is alone in writing works of fiction under a pseudonym. What makes it unique in Farmers case is the quantity of works written under several pseudonym. Here is a list of the published works by Farmer under a pseudonym.

“The Adventure of the Peerless Peer”, John H. Watson, M.D.
“Venus of the Half-Shell”, Kilgore Trout
“A Scarletin Study”, Jonathan Swift Somers III
“The Problem if the Sore Bridge-Among Others”, Harry Manders
“The Volcano”, Paul Chapin
“The Doge Whose Barque Was Worse Than His Bight”,
Jonathan Swift Somers III
“The Impotency of Bad Karma”, Cordwainer Bird
“Savage Shadow”, Maxwell Grant
“It’s the Queen of Darkness, Pal”, Rod Keen
“The Phantom of the Sewers”, Rod Keen
“Who Stole Stonehenge?”, Jonathan Swift Somers III

“By assuming the role of a fictional author, Farmer don’s a shamanic mask and enters the sublime creative world where fictional characters take on a life more real than our own.”

Christopher Paul Carey

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