Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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I was browsing Ebay the other day and found a metal HO gauge shack with a stove. I purchased the piece and will make my first post on a new series “Found, 10 Structures for Under $10 a piece”. I was surprised to find many of these economical priced models available. I am under no illusion; many of these structures will need some serious, kit-bashing, distressing and detailing to bring them up to par. It ought to be a fun exercise. Although finding structures in other scales and sizes for this price may be a bit of a stretch I may include structures of other scales and sizes.

I am getting bored with my current postings and I thought about getting back to some micro-miniatures posts.

I don’t really want to accumulate any more toys, but I did see two new play-sets recently at a local Dollar Tree. One of the play sets has a decent looking tank and the other with a very nice horse and covered wagon.

In addition, I still need small collection metal zombies to replace the card board ones that came with a board game that I purchased some time ago. These are on order along with a few micro-sized ships for war-gaming.

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