Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Miniature Outhouse for your Miniature Population, #6

This is number six for my shack collection posts. I don’t know the manufacturer of this out-building, but it was a very easy to build.


  1. This looks like the OO/HO railway accessory made by Playcraft in the early 60's. This was the UK range made by Jouef of France

  2. http://www.playcraftrailways.com/Pola_buildings.htm

    This link will show that first sold as Playcraft then under own brand of Pola. I bought a plastic bag with a Playcraft header with two outhouses back in the 60's. They models are on my 'Northern Heights' layout now.

    1. Terranova47

      Thank you for this information. Playcraft does not ring a bell, but Pola definitely would.