Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Books Authored by S. Kip Farrington, Jr.

Railroading around the World, Castle Books, New York, 1955

Here is a partial list of books form this distinguished author and sportsman.

Fishing the Pacific, off shore and on
Fishing the Atlantic, of shore and on
Pacific Game Fishing
Atlantic Game Fishing
Sport Fishing Boats
A Book of Fishing
The Ducks Cane Back
Ships of the U.S. Merchant Marine
Interesting Birds of Our Country
Giants of the Rails
Railroading from the Head End
Railroading from the Rear End
Railroading at War
Railroading of Today
Railroading the Modern Way
Railroading around the World

I don’t have a large collection of his work, in fact I only have the one that I have posted an image of its dust jacket. It was almost a year ago that I purchased this volume at a train show. Because of its mildewed pages I can only take it in small doses. The book reminds me of another in my collection somewhat, in that the other text recalls foreign narrow-gauge railways.

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