Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Ecstatic Reepicheep Speaks

With only two volumes left to my reading of the Chronicles of Narnia The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is so far the best volume in this collection. With its adventures, King Caspian and his crew went looking for the lost Lords and encountered new lands, peoples and creatures.

“Yes, yes”, cried Reepicheep, clapping his paws together. “That’s how I’ve always imagined it-the World like a great round table and the waters of all the oceans endlessly pouring over the edge. The ship will tip up and stand on her head-for one moment we shall see over the edge-and then down, down, the rush, the speed.”

“And what do you think will be waiting for use at the bottom, eh?” said Drinian.

“Aslen’s country perhaps.” said the Mouse, his eyes shining. “Or perhaps there isn’t any bottom. Perhaps it goes down for ever and ever. But whatever it is, won’t it be worth anything just to have looked for one moment beyond the edge of the world?”

The Wonders of the Last Sea, The Dawn Treader, The Chronicles of Narina.

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