Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Building from Styrene

In the past I have featured articles that described how people used styrene plastic to construct things. It is very easy to create all types of things out of styrene. I hope to post my own article on how to build a corrugated shed very soon. At any rate here are three articles that explain the process.

Styrene Sheets, Basic Building Material for Smaller Scales

This is a very basic article. The article describes how to work with Styrene, how it can be purchased, and how to finish it.

Modeling Basics: Working with Model Styrene

The author give the reader an overview of what styrene is and the forms it can be purchased. He goes on to describe what is needed to work with Styrene. The author includes images of some of the things that he has created using Styrene.

Building things out of Polystyrene

This article explains how the author, using drawing and real specifications created a “4-inch” AK-47 out of laminates of plastic sheet. The article is pretty detailed and the completed model superb.

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