Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Projects for July

Half the year has passed and I am so far behind in completing my miniatures. I purchase new items faster than I can complete them. As a fellow blogger has recently mentioned it is the collecting that is more than half the fun of this hobby.

Creating a project list seemed to work last month. I completed three out of the four projects that I had designated for the month of June. Perhaps I should have stuck with three projects instead of the four, so this month I have only designated three projects for the month of July.

I have brought the incomplete project forward to this month list.

  1. Assemble and paint one 28mm Persian miniature
  2. Assemble and paint the 28mm Games Workshop Bretonnian Horse
  3. Complete painting two Splintered Light mice miniatures

These projects may be completed in any order, as the mood strikes.

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