Saturday, November 12, 2016

Railroad Shunters and Other Railroad Personal

In the United States someone who works in a train yard switching cars or engines is called a switcher, while in Great Britain and Australia called a shunter, or a yard pilot. Prieser’s #14105, Railroad Shunters includes six 1/87 shunters.

Railroad Engineers

On the far left there two 1/85 scale metal figures from Labelle, their #LBL7009, a diesel engineer and a fireman. The figure in the center is a Weston’s #1244, “Engineer Waving”, another 1/87 scale metal figure. To the right of this figure is what I believe is a Bachman engineer, while the figure on the far right is cast of metal and of unknown origin. This is one I painted.

Other Railroad Workers

The packaged figure is another 1/87 scale metal figure from Weston, #1204, Station Master and the other two are Bachman and cast from plastic (polystyrene?).

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