Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Dreamer Prayers to Sheol Nugganoth

And before he laid down to sleep the Dreamer prostrated himself with the others and prayed to the god he felt best.

"And upon us praying the night came suddenly down, as it comes upon all men who pray at evening and upon all men who do not; yet our prayers comforted our own souls when we thought of the Great Night to come.

And I too felt that I would pray. Yet I liked not to pray to a jealous God there where the frail affectionate gods whom the heathen love were being humbly invoked; so I bethought me, instead, of Sheol Nugganoth, whom the men of the jungle have long since deserted, who is now un-worshipped and alone; and to him I prayed."

Idle Days on the Yann, Tale of Three Hemispheres, Lord Dunsany

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