Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Host of Characters-Governor Sawney

When Shandy (Jack Chandagnac) met up with the old hoot Sawney. “Swaney was wearing a baggy, bright yellow trousers and an embroidered silk jacket, and if he had on any sort of neck-cloth it was concealed under his tangled beard, which was the color of bleached bones.”

Swaney, otherwise known as the Governor had been to the fabled Fountain of Youth back in 1521. Sawney had dropped blood and had drank from the waters and had become immortal, that is as long as the plant that had sprouted up from his bloodletting stayed green.

Over two hundred years ago Sawney had been the governor of Porto Rico, and of all the islands there about. Sawney, AKA the governor, was no other than Juan Ponce De Leon.

On Stranger Tides, Tim Powers

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