Friday, May 12, 2017

A Host of Characters-Bert Smallways

"Bert Smallways was a vulgar little creature, the sort of pert, limited soul that the old civilization of the early twentieth century produced by the million in every country of the world. He had lived all his life in narrow streets, and between mean houses he could not look over, and in a narrow circle of ideas from which there was no escape. He thought the whole duty of man was to be smarter than his fellows, get his hands, as he put it, “on the dibs,” and have a good time. He was, in fact, the sort of man who had made England and America what they were. The luck had been against him so far, but that was by the way. He was a mere aggressive and acquisitive individual with no sense of the State, no habitual loyalty, no devotion, no code of honor, no code even of courage."

Chapter III, The Balloon, The War in The Air, H. G. Wells


  1. Ooops nearly spoiled that for you. Sorry.

    1. Pat

      Thanks for your post, however I am curious to know what is was that could have been spoiled?