Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Plant-A Solo RPG Game

The Plant is a one person RPG. The Plant’s premise is that your daughter is somewhere in an abandoned factory building and you need to find her. The game requires ten index cards that are numbered one to ten. Around the edges are printed the letters A-D. You will also need three index cards with “Down” written on them. The Down cards indicate that you are descending one level in the factory through the use of a ladder, stairs, or pipes, ETC.

You will also need to author ten situation cards. Sample situations are provided, but you can create your own, here are a few of the samples:

  • New Transformer doll
  • Unopened letter
  • Smell of baking cookies
  • Sound of a Jazz
  • Shadow in the shape of something
  • Glimpse of your daughter in distance

The game mechanic is through the use of the ten index cards you would have created and how they are laid out. Each laid card has a letter and each letter has a situation associated with that letter. Depending on the other letters on the card situations (the actions you are to complete) may have alternative situations that you will be told to go to.

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