Monday, March 26, 2018

Building Materials

This is the first in a new quick-series I am calling-“Building Materials”, where I will feature some newly found building material for my Scratch Building & Kit-Bashing projects.

I found this material wrapped around a carton of light bulbs. Each of the four light bulbs had this material wrapped around it.

I found this paper to useful to represent metal corrugated sheeting for roofs, walls and fences. I have also used this material to represent board and batten siding. See my A Scratch Built HO Gauge Shanty-Shack #10 post. I used this material to represent corrugated sheets for the two side walls and to represent board and batten on the front wall.


  1. Another useful source of 'small scale' congregation in the wrap you get round take-away coffee cups to stop you hand burning, but they are angled slightly I think, which limits their use a tad!


  2. Might work for a section of mangled corrugated fence; highly weathered to imitate rust.