Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What’s on my Work Bench?

I have three 1/76 plastic huts/shed buildings on my bench all in different levels of completion. One out of three, the Ratio #524 (Pico) Weighbridge and stone Hut is complete except for the window material and the painting of the weigh-bridge.

The other two structures are:

Wills SS12 Station Garage

This model consists of two identical buildings with twin wooden doors. I want to change the front of the first building to one single door and a window. To accomplish this I am going to cut out a new wall section out of some clapboard sheet and add a new door and window castings.

Wills SS31 Village Forge

I have had some trouble with warping on this model which is making getting the two slate roof sections to fit squarely a nightmare. I have, after doing some shoring up on the interior, added two sections of polystyrene sub-roofing and will affix some scale corrugated sheets atop of the sub-roofing.

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