Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Railroad Line Forum –Scratch Built Posts

The following page, with its page sixty pages feature many examples of scratch-built structures of all sorts. I am no where ready for a larger project like many of these. I believe that one should start with smaller projects and build up your skill level and competence. I have scratch built a few structures, some I am proud of any I have had many that I have not been happy with.

So here I am building, kits. But instead of building them as per instructions I find ways to alter them a bit. Find ways to weather them, making your kits to look like they have not been kept up with.

You will find many fine examples of scratch-built structures on these pages to inspire you to dream. To dream of the day when you have the skills and the competence to build a master piece. Until then keep on building. Build those simple plastic kits, build a craftsmen's kit or two, here again, try a simple kit at first, and try your hand at scratch building small structures at first. Make use of a verity of materials and techniques and above all have fun.

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