Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Super Details

It is really in the details. A model can look great; however with the right details the project can be exceptional. I have been slowly unpacking my scratch building materials and stowing them away in my workbench cabinets and draws.

Small Hinge Assortment

Most injected polystyrene scale doors have very little detail, which is fine for those structures that will not be placed so close to the front of the layout. But for those that will be receiving some scrutiny add those hinges, latches, and door knobs, even if it’s only a glob of brass paint.

Large Working Hinges

These hinges could be used for ¼ scale or on some heavy door in 1/87.

Small Bolts

Nuts and Bolts make structural components more rigid and secure, however there is very little need using these very small bolts on anything that is not going to receive a lot of scrutiny.

Large Bolts

I read somewhere that one should detail those scenes that are close to the front of the layout in detail. A viewer then gets the idea that the whole layout is just as detailed. These bolts are for ¼ scale but will definitely add the scene by amplification.

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