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The New Traveler’s Almanac

"The New Traveler’s Almanac is a 32-page section within the Volume II of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and includes the 32 pages of tightly packed text spread out over six chapters. The text describes an extraordinary travel log depicting some extraordinary locations and peoples .Within this text there are included several picture plates representing some of the locations, peoples, and circumstances.

Chapter Headings and Plates

Chapter One:

The British Isles: From the Streaming Kingdom to The Blazing World: Yalding Towers Garden, Hampshire; Miss A.L., 1871; Bellman Expedition sketch by Miss Beever, 1876; A peculiar breed of salmon, Glyn Cagny, Ireland; Tiny water-breathing humanoid form, reproduced by king permission of The Lancet; “Christian has gone…” (A full page plate).

Chapter Two:

Europe: From Aiolio to Zenda: The imaginary Isle; Cyrill Island; Les Hommes Mysterieux; Example of the extinct Siren Bird; Ruins of the Snow Queen’s Castle; The Castle near Lutha; The City of Dreadful Night.

Chapter Three:

The America’s: In the Rubble of Utopia: The Pirates’ Conference, Rose Island; The Marvelous Islands; Speranza; Goldfinger Expedition, 1928; Scientific Expedition to The Black Lagoon, 1930. No survivors; Orlando; Conversation with Edward Framingham, Lake La Metrie, Wyoming; Arkham.

Chapter Four:

Africa and The Middle East: Lights of the Dark Continent: Nacumera; Skull Island; Parthalia; Un-captioned image; a second Un-captioned image; Fantippo; A third un-captioned image.

Chapter Five

Asia and the Australias: Visions of Cathy: Uncaptioned: Mademoiselle being courted by a monkey dressed like a pirate; Bandelies; Laputa; Feather Island; Great Sage; Shangri-La; Xanadu.

Chapter Six

The Polar Regions: To the Ends of the Earth: Megapatagonia; Mounts of Madness; uncaptioned; Toyland; uncaptioned."

Volume II of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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