Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Trilogies of William Gipson

I don’t know where I was first introduced to Gipson’s work, but somehow I came across a copy of William Gipson’s Neuromancer. It was all so long ago. What I do remember that I had just went back to school to update my technology skills. We were in the age of the personal computers and C++. Mainframes, Minicomputers, and machine language weren’t going to cut it anymore or at least not for me.

I went on to read all three of Gipson’s Sprawl series and at the time these text really had an effect on me. They changed my whole philosophy and take on the Internet that had just a few years earlier had made its debut into society. The whole idea of being one with the Internet or as Gibson likes to refer to it Cyberspace perked my imagination.

I have since read a few additional novels by William Gibson, but did not know that he had written two other trilogies. Here are all three of Gibson’s trilogies:

The Sprawl

Neuromancer, 1984
Count Zero, 1986
Mona Lisa Overdrive, 1988

The Bridge

Virtual Light, 1993
Idoru, 1996
All Tomorrow's Parties, 1999

The Blue Ant

Pattern Recognition, 2003
Spook Country, 2007
Zero History, 2010

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