Thursday, May 22, 2014

Single Plastic Games Workshop Sprue

I was preforming one of my reverse web searches the other day. This is where I search through the images on a particular topic and visit the associated website for those I have an interest. I was searching for plastic spruces and came upon a plastic wolf and High Elf horse, but for some reason I did not initially save the link to my Bookmarks. I have been searching for those spruce ever since. Well today, by chance, I finely relocated those plastic spruces. They were found at Great Escape Games. Here is what I have settled on:

According to online literature these miniatures are either 25 or 28mm. Although the Bretonnian Horse seems like a generic looking horse, the other two horses look like they will fit well into a fantasy theme game, as well as the wolf, which looks very aggressive and menacing.

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