Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Recollected Conversion of Gandalf

Gandalf thought the Bilbo Baggins, to be a suitable companion for Thorin and his Dwarves for their quest to Lonely Mountain, for a number of reasons, however the Dwarves needed some persuasion.

“The Hobbit that I have in mind has ornaments of gold, and eats with silver tools, and drinks wine out of shapely crystal. ‘Ah! I see your drift at last’, said Balin. ‘He is a thief, then? That is why you recommend him?’ At than I fear I lost my temper and my caution. The Dwarvish conceit that one can have or make anything of value save themselves, and that all the fine things in other hands must have been got, if not stolen, from the Dwarfs at some time, was more than I could stand at the moment…the Dwarfs must bend their stiff necks.”

The Quest of Erebor, Unfinished Tales.

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