Saturday, January 7, 2017

1/87 Scale Telegraph and Telephone Poles

A few days ago a fellow blogger made the following post: “T is for Telecoms-Truck with Telegraph-Poles for Telephone-Line”. At about the same time I was reorganizing my model railroad gear and came across three different bags of 1/87 scale Telegraph and Telephone Poles.

These poles, I believe are from Atlas and comes packaged with twelve telephone poles. These telephone poles are made from a hard plastic, something other than polystyrene. Like those listed on Hugh’s post these poles have two notches on either side to pin the pole down to the layout.

The next set is from Ratio and of a European prototype. These do not have a base and will have to be placed and set directly into the layouts form board. There are sixteen to the package. This set feels like polystyrene.

The last set is from an unknown source and come packaged twelve to the package. Although all three sets of poles are finely crafted and detailed, this set with its green insulators is my favorite. I believe these are cast from polystyrene.

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