Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Tombs of the Thoroughgood’s

The worlds captains of crime were summoned to secret meeting. They met in the private tombs of the Thoroughgood’s. It was a Who’s Who of organized crime. Professor Moriarty had summoned them to discuss the changing times. The new era was quickly approaching where the public and law enforcement would no longer put up with such shenanigans. The world was becoming more respectable. This new era called for a new strategy. Business is business! The list of the distinguished guests is as follows:

  • "Lord of Strange Deaths
  • Daughter of the Dragon
  • Grand Vampire or Paris and Mademoiselle Irna Vep…
  • Doctor Nikola of Australia and Madame Sara of the Strand
  • Miss Margaret Frelwany and the Hovton Creeper
  • Doctor Mabuse of Berlin and Fraulein Alraune ten Brincken
  • Arthur Raffles of the Albony and his, ah friend, Mr. Manders
  • Theophraste Lupin and Josephine
  • Countess Cagliostro…
  • Doctor Jack Quartz of New York and Princess Zanoni…
  • Rupert, count of Hentzau and Miss Irene Adler"

Professor Moriarty, The Hound of the D’ Urbervilles, Kim Newman

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