Thursday, February 14, 2013

1/43 Figures and Products

I have been researching sites that offer miniatures and have come upon several suppliers that offer 1/43 figures and other details. 1/43 is slightly larger than 1/48, but 1/43 scaled figures and details are sometimes used on some O-gauge (1/48) scaled model railroad layouts. 1/43 sized figures are sold as O gauge in Europe. It should not be a problem If you are careful in placing these 1/43 details on your 1/48-O-gauge layout.
S and D Models
S and D Models offers a full line of line of Phoenix Figures, detail accessories, building fittings, road vehicles kits, standard and narrow gauge locos, motor racing figures, street and station lamps, and other details for mail order.
Andrew C. Stadden
Andrew C. Stadden offers many distinguished gentlemen and other figures that that sitting, dancing, or otherwise occupied. He also offers a few figure sets, such as a Victorian/Edwardian family, “Oh Mr. Porter” set, and Cheerleaders, to name just a few.
Border Miniatures
Border Miniatures offers, what look like some highly detailed figures. The figures are modeled as fishermen, train passengers, and track and railroad workers.
Forty-Third Limited
Forty-third limited has a nice collection of not only Phoenix 1/43 figures, but also vehicles and other details that are cast in 1/43.

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