Saturday, February 9, 2013

Monopoly Editions

My wife and I have been married for twenty-plus years and have never purchased a board game for ourselves. To give ourselves something to do on those snowy weekend days, we recently purchased a copy of Monopoly.

I remember the common game tokens that were provided and was wondering whether alternative tokens could be found. In my searches I came across alternative tokens and a couple special editions of Monopoly that I had no idea existed.

One such edition you can read about on the Fire Wire Blog’s June 15, 2012 post. The author introduces a licensed Godfather edition of Monopoly. The Godfather edition was released to celebrate the 40th anniversary release of the Paramount movie.

The game board is set to depict different businesses that were acquired in the movie. You know, they made an offer that could not be refused. Places like International Pictures. Moe Green’s Casino and Joe’s Diner can be bought, sold, and traded. There’s even a set of special game tokens that depict different scenes in the movie like a dead fish, a horse’s head, Tommy gun, and Town car.

Another edition of Monopoly that I came across was the Futurama edition. I take it, that the game is a takeoff of Comedy Central’s Futurama animated series. Like the Godfather edition, the game board has places that relate to Futurama. What drew me to site were images of its unique game tokens. The tokens depict some of Futurama’s characters like Bender, Hypnotoad, Brain Slug, Seymour, Planet Express Ship, and what if Machine and are rendered in Pewter in all its glory.

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