Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Monopoly in the News

Here are some recent news articles on the game of Monopoly

Monopoly Tokens have Changed over the Years

The article recounts on the tokens that have been included in Monopoly over the years, starting back in 1935. It was interesting to read on the many different tokens that have come and went over the years.

Monopoly among new Adventure Time Games in the Works

Cartoons Network’s is releasing an Adventure Time special collector’s edition of Monopoly. Now they have us colleting Monopoly games. And of course you realize, that games in their original wrapping will be worth more than those that have been played. This edition features 22 locations from the Land of Ooo and six collectable tokens. I thought the edition was a collectable? You mean you would purchase the game just for its "collectable" tokens?

The Onion Takes a Swipe at Hasbros Game Token Change

If you don’t know about the Onion, it is a site that provides satires of current news articles.

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