Friday, March 22, 2013

Creative Pirates Cove Paper Project

I was going through my collection of Bookmarks the other day and came across a couple of links to the Pirates Cove(scroll down towards the bottom of the page) project. Everything you see here, in this fantastic miniature layout, with the exception of the track and wheels, is made of paper and Strathmore board.

Gnatterbox, a forum of Gn15 modelers, sponsored a competition for small layouts built primarily from paper. This layout, built by Chris Walas, won the competition. You can see the wealth of detail for yourself and we can assume that a lot of creative and skillful effort went into this project.
The diorama has so much detail, like a couple of huts, a train that is used to deliver supplies to the Nautilus, a trolley to bring people to the sub, an aeroplane, with what looks a like a bomb, several figures in various poses, and various other bits of scenery.

I have spent some time studying the images of this layout and still find something new each time that I study it. This layout is awe inspiring and makes me want to start my own paper project. I won’t be so foolish to assume that I have the necessary skills to complete something with the magnitude, but perhaps something less daunting like a small structure. I could bring all my knowledge that I have gained from my readings of the techniques that others have used. If the project doesn't go as planned I will have learned something and gained a bit of experience in the process.

Click here for other views of the layout and here to view some additional images of the project as it was being built, along with some commentary by the author.

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