Friday, March 8, 2013

Pod Castle-The Fantasy Fiction Podcast

I have always loved to read. I suppose my love of reading came from my parents. My mother was always reading some type of novel and my father a magazine article. There were other influences in my life that fostered reading, there were my uncles and aunts that shared their love reading with me, they used to bring me bags of books that they had just finished reading and there was my sixth grade teacher and the reading contest that took place over the school year. You had to read and give a summary of at least fifty books during the school year.

I wish I still had every book that I ever read; my collection would be enormous by this time in my life. Lately I have been consuming a lot of digital media in the form of e-pubs, and audio books. There are so many sources and publications to download and read or listen to and you really cannot beat the price.

Recently I came across Pod Castle. PodCastle is a fantasy audio magazine. Each week PodCastle features new short stories that span the spectrum of fantasy fiction. Download the latest podcast upload it to you MP3 player and go out for a stroll.

If you prefer science fiction try Pod Castles, sister site “EscapePod”. It all adds up to some very fine and entertaining listening.

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