Monday, March 18, 2013

My First Set of Blasted Planets Miniatures

I have just completed my first set of HistroFigs miniatures. The three 25mm miniatures required very little attention. The castings were crisp and without any noticeable flash or parting lines. The three I chose to complete were from HistroFigs SCIFI Blasted Planet line: Agent Annya Nova, BP-001, and two Chickasaurus, BP-1700. The Chickasaurus are some sort of extraterrestrial creatures.

Since anything goes when dealing with SCIFI figures I had fun painting these miniatures, in that I didn’t have to worry too much about what a “real “ Chickasaurus looked like I could choose my colors according to my taste and whim.

My idea for a scene, using the three miniatures was having Annya facing off the Chickasaurus with her blow gun (blaster). You can get the basic idea from the image; however, I would like to add proper base materials and background image to complete the scene.

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