Friday, April 19, 2013

The Plastic Toy Soldier Pictures Blog

Although the blog has not been updated for a while, the Plastic Toy Soldier Pictures Blog features an assortment of images of Marx, Toy Soldiers of San Diego, and Conte toy soldiers. The author has taken quite a few photos of toy soldiers, which includes all sorts of “toy soldiers”, not just GI types.
You might remember playing with Marx toys when you were young. The one thing I don’t remember, at least not vividly, is the amount of detail these toy soldiers had. Their faces, at least contain, a surprising amount of detail while the rest of the casting is slight on detail. Many of these old Marx toys are now collectors’ items and some are being recast by other companies (Pirates of the Caribbean, by Glencoe).
Conte is a purveyor of collectible figures. These are not your run of the mill, mass-produced kids toys. Conte figures are full of detail. Toy Soldiers of San Diego offers some nicely detailed pieces as well, which like Conte are geared toward the collector.
It is simply amazing what some are willing to pay for a box full of plastic.

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