Thursday, November 14, 2013

Four HO Gauge Structures for my Layout

I have been unpacking my structures to make sure they are all in one piece before I place them out on my HOn30 model train layout. Only a few, so far, needed some minor repairs and other adjustments. These structures are for the little town of Gotham.

Dirty and Grimy Industrial Storage Shed or Shop

A plastic kit from Con-Cor, I believe.

Wimpy's Tackle Shop

A Campbell’s repurposed bunk house kit is a simple wood sheet kit. You will find these small and weathered buildings next to boat docks and wharfs. You can purchase tackle, bait, ice, snacks, and drinks from these little businesses. This building is in pretty good shape compared to some I have seen.

Hobby Shop

This kit was built from preformed wood sheet walls and metal door and window castings. I don't remember the manufacturer of this kit.

Stone Bank Building

I am not sure, but this kit could be from Design Preservation This is a Main Street Heritage model. (Perhaps not, I couldn’t find one of these kits in their current catalogs. Anyone know where this kit originates?) It is a resin kit. These resin kits are easy to assemble and have a lot of detail built into the casting.


  1. These look brilliant Jan, love the distressing you've done on them.

  2. Michael

    They were a lot of fun to build and weather, thank you for your kindly encouraging comment.