Friday, November 29, 2013

War at Sea Quick Start Scenario

Set Up:

Use both maps and setup along the long sides. Place one Objective counters in the middle sectors on the center row. Axis ships start at one end while the allies start at the other end. Unless there are aircraft carriers, aircraft start on the off-map air base.

Initiation and Turn Sequence:

Each player rolls two die. The allies get a +1 added to their die roll because the USS Montpelier is flag ship. Add up the die outcomes. The player with the highest outcome gets the initiative and goes second. Going second is desirable in that you can see where your opponent is heading.


Aircraft attacking from off-map airfields and then returning to their airfield can only attack on every other turn. However, some aircraft have special abilities that might affect this rule.

Winning the Quick Start Battle:

The first player to accumulate 3 victory points wins. Points can be earned by achieving the following:

  • Earn 1 victory point for each enemy unit you destroy
  • Earn 1 victory point if you claim the Objective marker
  • Check victory points totals at the end of each turn. If a tie, the player who claims the Objective marker wins, otherwise the game is a tie.

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