Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ships and a Sea Monster from Pirates of Davy Jones Curse

I have added three new ships and one sea monster to my ever growing collection of sailing ships. Here are the specs for the four new pieces:

Name:  Jormungandr
Points:  17
Flag/Nation:  Cursed
Masts:  4
Hold Capacity:  4
Basic Movement:  Long
Cannon:  3 Short (2, 3, and a 3); 1 Long (4)

Jörmungandr taken from Norse mythology is a giant serpent like beast that is sometimes called the Midgard serpent or snake. The Jormungandr is my first sea monster.

Although Sea monsters act just like a ship, with the exception of being able to carry crew, their coils are treated like masts and can fire cannon from each of its coils. In addition they can carry treasure. The treasures are obtained from pinning and boarding a ship and not from explore action on a wild island. If the sea monster succeeds at a boarding party, it also eliminates one mast.

Instead of using this unit in its traditional mode I am thinking about using Jormungandr in response to some situation card that is picked by a player. There will be cards for two of the three basic actions. I am thinking about adding situation cards to the Move and Explore actions. More to follow…

Name:  La Richelieu
Points:  10
Flag/Nation:   French
Masts:  3
Hold Capacity:  4
Basic Movement:  Long
Cannon:  2 Short (3, and a 3); 1 Long (3)

This is my second French flagged vessel. This ships gets +1 to here cannon rolls against the Cursed. This ship is linked to the Jean Desailly crewmember. Desailly brings some unique characteristics and abilities to the ship in which he is on…

Name:  HMS Caradoc
Points:  13
Flag/Nation:  England
Masts:  4
Hold Capacity:  4
Basic Movement:  Short + Long
Cannon:  3 Short (4, 3, and a 3); 1 Long (4)

The HMS Caradoc is a schooner. Once per turn this ship may reroll any die you roll for the ship. As a free action this ship type can rotate her stern in any direction after she completes a move action.

Name:  HMS Seaham
Points:  9
Flag/Nation:  England
Masts:  2
Hold Capacity:  2
Basic Movement:  Short + Short
Cannon:  2 Short (3 and a 3)

This ship gets +1 her boarding rolls and gets +2 added if her opponent is a sea monster.

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