Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lost Inca Gold—Ransom, Riches, and Riddles

This is my second Lost Treasure post. Whether this article is fact or fiction it does seem to provide some evidence that suggests that there might have been a huge treasure trove of thousands of articles that had been squirreled away by the ancient Incas after being double crossed by the Spaniards.

The mystery is; does it still exist? This story might be a great scenario for a role playing or miniatures game. What do you think?

There are Inca miniatures, and treasure piece miniatures, and I am sure we can find miniatures suited for the other players in this adventure game.


  1. if not a game, it could be a good story !
    adventurers against survival Incas, all in search of the Lost Treasure !!

    (her.... Jan, you really don't want to know what's happened on my blog ?? if I was you, I would have a look quickly ... )

  2. Sam

    Thanks for your comment, and I do know what is happening on your blog, but have not yet had a chance to respond to your request.