Sunday, December 21, 2014

Reaper Miniatures Familiar Packs

I own two sets of Reapers Familiars packs and am planning on ordering two additional packs in early January. Reaper offers 18 of these familiar packs. These packs usually contain between five and six 25mm miniatures of various types. You will find creatures of all sorts like imps, demons, dragons, monsters, aquatic life and other forms of wildlife.

Many of these miniatures are whimsical in nature, but some depict wildlife in a natural, if not in a cute way. There are also two sets of Warlord miniatures to use in your Warlord RPG’s.

I find these packs a very economical way to obtain miniatures of various types. Each familiar pack gives you several different types of creatures to work with miniatures that I might not have otherwise had an opportunity to work with.

Although I don't see myself having to purchase all these packs I can see myself availing myself to several of Reapers familiar packs in the upcoming year.

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