Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Reflections of Caderousse

Caderousse was a neighbor of the Dante’s and was present, at least in body (Caderousse had drank most of the bottle of wine Danglars had purchased) when Danglars and Fernand thought of ways to betray Edmond Dantes.

“Caderousse was restless and uneasy and had shut himself up with two bottles of black current brandy in hopes of drowning reflection. But he did not succeed, and became too intoxicated to fetch any more drink, and yet not so intoxicated as to forget what had happened. With elbows on the table he sat between the two empty bottles, while specters danced in the light of the un-snuffed candle-specters such as Hoffmann screws over his punch-drenched pages, like black fantastic dust.”

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