Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Mention of Monsters in H.P. Lovecraft's, The Shadow Over Innsmouth

"There, (the creatures of Insmouth), predominant color was a grayish-green, though they had white bellies. They were mostly shiny and slippery, but the ridges of their back were scaly. Their forms vaguely suggested the anthropoid, while their heads were the heads of fish, with prodigious bulging eyes that never closed. At the sides of their necks were palpitating gills, and their long paws were webbed. They hopped irregularly, sometimes on two legs and sometimes on four." If you had to quickly describe their appearance, I would say they seemed to be a cross between a frog and a fish-A fish's head on a frog's body."

Another distinctive and horrid characteristic of these creatures was their sickening and repulsive smell, they smelled of rotting fish. These odors surrounded them and permeated the surrounding spaces in which they frequent.

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