Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Reaper Miniatures 25mm Mermaid

This mermaid is a 25mm miniature from Reaper Miniatures#03608: Aquatic Familiars II. I have had this miniature for some time. This photo is from the third photo shoot of this miniature. I haven’t been satisfied with the results up to this point.

I first heard her call on a misty early dawn of morning in June. I didn’t know what to make of the sounds that I heard on this June morning. At first I thought I was hearing things. The sound had a dreamy and hypnotizing quality to it and it drew me too its source. Like I said, I didn’t what to make of it, but all the same I was enticed to pull my rowboat toward these memorizing sounds.

I rowed toward these sounds, which seemed to be coming from somewhere around Crook Island. The Island stood off about two miles from the channel leeward of the sea. Not having a water source the island was not inhabited. The island was one of the many Channel Islands that stood off from the mainland. Crook Island was once the haunt of criminals. The island was roughly 1.5 miles wide, at its widest, and 7 miles long. Some say that there is treasure buried on the Island, but no one as yet has found even a clue of its where-a- bout’s.

The closer I pulled toward the island the more these sounds sounded like someone singing. Singing in a most delightful language, one all its own. I rowed to a little cove, to where I thought I had heard this very particular singing, and pulled my boat up to the beach. I landed the boat and commenced to investigate the beach. Not finding anything there, I walked the full length and width of the island. Still not seeing anything that would explain these strange sounds I walked back to my boat and sat on its gunwhale and I pondered as what to do next. I reached down for my sea bag that sat on the floor boards of the boat and pulled out a beaker of water and some sea biscuits.

While I sat there I pondered on what I had heard and wondered where the song could have come from. After finishing my meager meal I pushed my boat out beyond the surf and started to row back to the main land. It was then I heard a splash off to my right. I rowed toward were the sound had come from and then off in the distance I heard a louder splash.  I rowed to the point of the splash, and not seeing anything unusual I stopped and rested on my oars. It was then I saw a very large tail come-up out of the water. Coming down it created another splash. This time I was close enough to get a good soaking. The creature, whatever it was, took off toward the open water. I heard another splash. I looked intently toward the spot of the last splash and saw a shock of red hair and then the face of what I reconvened to be a mermaid. It was a most beautiful face; one with the most alluring aspects. Was she was trying to lure me out to the open sea?

I had heard tell of stories, where the mermaids had lured the un-expecting out to the open sea with their womanly charms only to have that person never to be heard of again. I started to row back to the main land. I swear I heard a moan-full cry as I rowed back. I didn't look back until I had safely reached the mainland.

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