Monday, February 23, 2015

Ratio HO Trackside Buildings

Although I model US prototypes I have purchased several Ratio kits. These plastic kits are of European prototypes and have been purchased for dioramas, while other kits have been purchased for small trackside or industrial buildings. With some minor modifications these kits will easily pass for American prototypes.

Ratio is now an affiliate of Peco, but still offers the majority of the listed models I found listed on the back of packaging from one of these kits. I will be posting more information about these kits and my plans for a diorama in upcoming posts.

Ratio HO-Gauge Trackside Buildings

500 G.W.R. Signal Box
501 Grounded Coach Body
502 Cattle Dock
503 Platform/Ground Level Signal Box
504 Station Building
505 Coaling Stage
506 Water Tower
507 Grounded Van Body
508 Pump House/Boiler House
509 Occupation Crossing
510 Industrial Fittings
511 Lineside Huts(2)
512 Skylights
513 Provender (Goods) Store
514 Pack of Assorted Pallets, Sacks, Barrels
515 Platform Canopy
516 Station Valancing, Notice Boards
517 Concrete Footbridge
518 Concrete Platelayer's Hunt (2)

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